Qualifications Matter

 Dear Editor,

Have you ever hired someone to do a job and found out afterwards they did not have the qualifications needed to perform the work?  The result is usually cost overruns, delays, poor performance and disappointment.

Qualifications matter and could not be more important than when choosing candidates to oversee our children’s education!

If, on one hand, you have an applicant with limited experience or less experience than another candidate, one must strongly consider the most qualified.  Such is the case with our upcoming election of the candidates for the Guilford County Board of Education.

Please consider:

Crissy Pratt – a 25-plus year veteran of education.  Crissy holds a B.S. in elementary education and a M.Ed. in instructional technology.  She has served children in a variety of roles ranging from a classroom teacher under Title 1 conditions to leading all aspects of curriculum development teams from budgeting to personnel management to project plans.

Tim Andrew – a retired Marine Corps officer.  Tim holds a master of business administration degree and is a certified project manager for a defense contractor.  Tim has been entrusted with the management of hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment and projects as a demonstrated master logistician.

Linda Welborn – a 10-year veteran of the Guilford County Board of Education.  Linda brings a wealth of experience to the position.  Prior to serving on the BOE, Linda was highly involved in passing the bond of 2008 which resulted in renovation of Southeast Guilford High, Southeast Guilford Middle and Alamance Elementary along with building of Simpkins Elementary.  Her leadership experiences include being instrumental in blocking the closure of Gateway Center and oversight in ensuring what was promised in the 2008 bond was delivered to the taxpayers.

Demetria Carter – a retired lawyer for the federal government.  Demetria brings a high level of analytical and legal skills as well as the ability to read and interpret “legalese” to her application.  A contracts specialist for 30 years, Demetria certainly knows how to work through a contract.

Together, these four candidates offer a combined skill set that is head and shoulders above their competition. We need this majority of talent to affect change.

Consider evaluating these candidates based on their qualifications, not their party affiliation, sex or skin tone.  We all agree that educating our children in Guilford County should rise above politics. This is a chance to truly act on that belief.

Geoff Beaston



Elect Officials Who Will Represent Us

Dear Editor,

At the time of this writing, it’s three weeks until Election Day.  We as citizens have a privilege and a right we must exercise at every opportunity, and that is to select those who will represent us – not rule us, but represent us.

That includes people like Phil Byrd for the position of high sheriff of Guilford County. We need Phil because we need a person who actually does the job of law enforcement, not wasting time rapping or making ridiculous music videos or participating in show raids. We need a person who has integrity, not a police record. We need a person who cares about law and order in Guilford County not campaign covers to look pretty. We need Phil Byrd as our high sheriff!

We also need people like Jon Hardister.  A person of integrity and who cares about the people of his district and state.  A person who resolves issues with words and lawful action, not a firearm.  A person who has a proven track record of supporting the people.  We need others in the state House that think and act like Jon, such as John Faircloth, another person of action, not just words. In the state Senate we need Phil Berger Sr., another who acts on behalf of the people, not special interests.

At the county level we need to put Alan Branson back in on the Board of Commissioners along with Pat Tillman and Alan Purdue – again people who look out for we the people.  We need Linda Welborn and Tim Andrew on the school board to continue to fight for our most important resource – our children.

The NC Supreme Court is also as important and that’s why it’s wise to elect Richard Dietz and Trey Allen.

At the federal level, Christian Castelli is running for the 6th District congressional seat.  LTC Castelli is a retired soldier that has first-hand knowledge of what and where American influence is needed as well as caring about North Carolina. This is a man that has the needed knowledge to do what’s right for us in Washington, DC.

I don’t speak to other Republican candidates only because I don’t know them but I do encourage their election based on what the (National Socialist) Democrat Party has (and hasn’t) and more importantly wants to do (and not do) to the people of North Carolina at all levels.

This is our time North Carolina.  Carpe Diem!

Alan Marshall