Put Press On Koury Rezoning

Dear Editor,

I think you might want to provide more coverage of the Koury rezoning request for the 23-acre parcel at Cone and Cleburne.

Their request to change from R-3 to RM-26 is a great idea for Koury but devastating to the mature neighborhoods surrounding the property.  Koury certainly has every right to develop their property, but it should be consistent and complementary to its neighbors.

Please put the power of the press to use.

Thank You,

Pete Pearce



Kudos To Dems

Dear Editor,

I hate having to give the (National Socialist) Democrat Party kudos, but in this case I have to.

They are doing a pretty good job of hijacking the court packing issue that the Republicans are justifiably using against Bunker Joe. They are working hard to deflect an issue that is dogging him and has been made worse when he was asked if the people deserve an answer and he said, “No.”

To put it another way, we peons shouldn’t worry about things that could potentially have a major impact on our lives. Creepy Uncle Joe knows best.

In case you haven’t noticed, they are starting to accuse President Trump and Republicans in the past of “packing” the court with their choices. Ignore the fact that everything they did was open and above board, not to mention legal. The ‘rats have never picked judges based on their willingness to legislate from the bench and overturn the will of the people. Not!

I have heard one ‘rat operative, I mean elected official, start a new talking point by saying President Trump stated he was basing his judicial selections based on their stated willingness to vote against Roe v. Wade and to get rid of Obamacare. He even said the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee have said the same thing.

Really? Really? I know I have heard him say he was going to nominate originalists, judges who follow the Constitution as written, not as they want it to read. But I don’t know of any time he said he would nominate based on how they would rule. That’s a (National Socialist) Democrat thing.

The ‘rats are so beside themselves over this appointment that Bunker Joe is trying to tell people that what’s happening is unconstitutional. With Creepy Uncle Joe manhandling women and girls, the Wicked Witch of the West trying rewrite the Constitution on her own to suit her whims without bothering to use the lawful way of doing it, and Kamala Harris busy setting up a pool on how many months before Uncle Joe is officially declared unfit for office and she gets to takes over, it’s shaping up to be a very interesting election.

I’ve said it before, hunker down and ammo up. Things have the potential for getting wild.

Alan Marshall



Judging Judges

Dear Editor,

I believe that judges should be required to answer any questions about ”the law” or their legal opinions during confirmation hearings. Anyone who doesn’t answer questions should not be confirmed. I want to know where they stand on executions, abortions, doctor assisted suicide and all other legal matters.  I want to know if they think that marijuana should be legal or that  tobacco should be illegal. 

Judges have way too much power, and their power should be limited.  Judges can take away your life, liberty, property and end your pursuit of happiness. They can take away your house, pets and even your children. They can put you behind bars or in a straight jacket. They can take away your life.  

We need term limits for judges. No judge, general or politician should be appointed to a government job for life. Didn’t someone in the past say, “Judge not lest ye be judged”?  

Chuck Mann