Conservatives Want A Fascist Government

Dear Editor,

If you don’t believe there are those in the modern conservative movement that desire a fascist form of conservative government, you need to look no further than Project 2025.  Funded by The Heritage Foundation, who has deep influences with the people who influence Trump’s political views, policy proposals and clearly want to stamp out any opposing political influence, view and rights of the left.

Beyond their desire to replace anyone at any level in government that doesn’t swear loyalty to Trump, their plan is destroy the republic and replace it with a fascist leader by:

  • Defunding the Department of Justice (to remove any accountability or checks on executive power)
  • Dismantling the FBI (to again remove any accountability outside the executive branches direct control and influence)
  • Breaking up the Department of Homeland Security (remove any monitoring of their supporting groups activities – i.e. white nationalist groups, etc.)
  • Eliminating the Department of Education (so conservatives can groom children to embrace their hate and bigotry)
  • Giving the president complete power of quasi-independent agencies such as FCC (so propaganda can be tightly controlled)
  • Pushing the unitary theory that gives the president unchecked power over all aspects of government.

They openly support the idea of making the LGBTQ community illegal to even verbalize or acknowledge their existence.   For example, their platform proposes making teachers that acknowledge the existence of transexuals to be registered sex offenders.   Their platform is only one step short of making LGBTQ people wear stars on their clothes so they can be openly discriminated against.

The last time Trump was in office there were a number of old school conservatives that stood against his push for absolute power (for example, Pence refusing to block the peaceful transfer of power).  Many of those old school conservatives have since left politics under hardline pressure from Trump loyalists.

Often, I hear how Democrats are soooo power hungry.  This is just the pot calling the kettle black to deflect the power-hungry nature of the modern conservatives under Trump’s leadership.  A vote for Trump is a vote for the destruction of our republic and the checks and balances within our government structure that has pushed back against fascist views for decades.

Christian C. Rice