We Agree On Nothing

Dear Editor,

I agree with one main tenant of the leftist Democrat platform.  That is, we agree about nothing.

The country is completely divided philosophically and politically.

I’m going about my business and simply ignoring the Black Lives Matter (a corrupt and rotten organization) signs that signal pseudo virtue.  At best, they are a sophomoric theme.  We will not allow the mad Marxist ravings of the teachers’ unions poison our children any longer. There are biological men and biological woman. Period. If the NCAA wants to force North Carolina to have unisex bathrooms in the name of transgender rights, I will fight to keep the NCAA out of North Carolina. The 1619 Project is a complete lie.

The placement of Joe Biden in the Oval Office was an insidious disgrace. It is obvious that he is and has been failing mentally. Our country has been placed in peril by the forces that control Joe Biden. They need to be called out and exposed. Kamala Harris and Karine Jean-Pierre are the natural outcome of a policy of race and sexual orientation-based status. They are completely incompetent and in over their heads.

The concentration of power in the government bureaucracy, Democrat Party, teachers’ unions, the press and big tech have consciously worked to squash dissent and force an insidious leftist agenda upon the citizenry. The result is a complete and utter disaster.

There is a novels’ worth of examples of the hideousness of the pompous American left’s ploy to force their agenda upon us all, but I will end my letter with this: Joe Bidens’ speech two nights ago was pure insanity and hate. The left are racoons in the corner – they are flailing and quite dangerous. No longer can we accept their behavior. They need to be removed from power and when the inevitable tantrums arise, they must be squashed. Enough is enough.

My yard sign would read, “Freedom and Responsibility”

God Bless America. Gid bless the Judeo-Christian ethic that helped create our country.

James LaMuraglia


Not A Fan Of Trump Or Republicans

Dear Editor,

As election nears, I am seeing more mongering statements from Republicans/Trump supporters about how Democrats are “Destroying America.”  I argue that Trump and Republicans who support him are doing more to destroy America than any Democrat.  Especially sleepy Joe.  The list of Trump/Republican transgressions is long, but a few highlights:

  • The big lie that has moved millions of Americans to believe Democracy in US is broken.  (Hint, it isn’t. There never was any mass fraud.)
  • Trump openly supporting Putin over US intelligence and US interests in general
  • Gave permanent large unfunded tax cuts to wealthy but only temporary small tax cuts to most of Americans
  • Trump supporting the Jan. 6 insurrection that attempted to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power (the backbone of US democracy).
  • Trump openly accepting support from far-right nationalist groups that propagate racist agendas
  • Trump personally attacks anyone that doesn’t support his personal ideals and declare full loyalty to himself.  (It really gets close a fascism to believe that membership in a party requires personal loyalty to a single person.)

Yet the Democrats platform is based on:

  • Supporting health insurance for all
  • Fair wages for all
  • Supporting diversity and inclusion
  • As Christians, they support the under privileged and not the interests of wealthy elites.

While greatly flawed, like most Democrats on economics, in no way is Biden a danger to American ideals of freedom and democracy.

I have made my case that modern Republicans are doing more to destroy American ideals numerous times here.  Mostly Trump supporters just attack me personally (which I really don’t care their opinion of me) and they fail to either defend Trump’s actions or they fail to provide any real examples of how Democrats are “destroying” America.

If you are strongly conservative, great, vote Republican.  We are still a free representative democracy.  But stop with the hollow statements of “Democrats are evil” unless you can really make your case!

Christian C. Rice