Get Comfortable With Your Gun

Dear Editor,

Two things I’m seeing more and more in the news (the real news, not the mainstream media pabulum) is how law enforcement organizations are losing officers because they feel like they are wasting their time, risking their very lives and are worried about their families safety, all for low pay and no obvious difference in the crime situation. Their level of frustration is understandable.

Add to that, in some cases, their higher ups are more concerned with politics then law enforcement. It’s little wonder that half the states in America have passed legislation allowing constitutional carry of firearms, giving more people the ability to defend themselves. Constitutional carry means you don’t need a permit to carry, concealed or open. I can already hear the howls and I intend to do a letter on the subject with the real facts, not the liberal BS.

I’ll openly admit I do have a concealed carry weapon. Now the question you need to ask yourself if you ever meet me is, “is he carrying right now and where?” My answer is, do something stupid that would allow me to justifiable protect myself, my family or anyone else and find out. And also keep in mind I keep shooting until the threat is neutralized. Think about it.

I realize there are plenty of people that say they are afraid of guns and I respect that. My answer to that is A, have you ever fired a gun, and B, have you ever had anyone teach you how to properly handle one. If after that you are still uncomfortable that’s fine. I respect your position.

If you are one of those that say they want to get a gun for self-protection my advice to you is to first get training on how to handle it, second get advice from an experienced gun owner on what kind of gun to get and finally go to a range as often as possible and get comfortable with it. But the most important thing is learn how to safely store that weapon in order to prevent an accident.

Safety, proper training in handling and, finally, are you prepared to use it to defend yourself and others are the triad of gun ownership. Don’t pull a gun unless you are prepared to use it, otherwise all you’ve done is arm a dirtball and probably gotten yourself hurt or killed by your own gun.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall