Questions About Proposed School In Colfax

Dear Editor,

I wanted to share this rush job of a zoning application. In the beginning we were told this school would be K-8 but their application lists it as K-9. This is one example of their rush job of an application. Further down the application, under lot combination, you can see, “do we need this?” Shouldn’t they know what they need since they’ve hired the best company and attorney (who work together very often) to steamroll over the Colfax citizens?

The GCS attorney and superintendent raved about the car rider line being a double stacked lane, but on the application, when it asks for a description of the lane – “do we need this?” Rush job.

Further down the application, the road improvements are listed as well as maps around the area. If you put together the improvements and the maps it is very easy to tell that everything will go in a circle and get locked up. GCS also said they fixed the 90 degree curve that the buses would let out to. That “fix” is nowhere to be found on any plans. It looks like they have moved the bus lane slightly north on Boylston. But wait, the buses won’t be able to turn in or out because they’re also coming from High point and will be in the grid lock traffic.

There is a section titled review factors. Every single one of these can be disputed with multiple pieces of evidence. Another section is called reasonable/public interest. Not sure how they will try to prove that one.

All of this information was due on 4/11/2023 but was turned in on 4/18/2023. A little late, don’t you think? shows all of the facts revolving this case. Time and time again GCS continues to get by with either the absolute bare minimum or their lying ways, which are approved of by the City Council and county commissioners. Check out all of their Facebook posts. They seem very friendly to me.

Thanks, Rhino, for always writing the truth.

June Blankenship