Child Immigration Facility Is Official

Dear Editor,

So, effective today, March 15, 2024, the Queen Nancy Vaughn Center for Illegal Immigrant Minors becomes official and online according to an article from FOX8 WGHP.

While there won’t be an immediate influx of illegal immigrant minors, it can be assumed it will be starting soon, and when it does it will be kept as low key as possible. In the meantime, I haven’t seen any qualifications for what constitutes a “child” as far as an age range. Is it 10-year-olds or, and this is what I believe will happen, a “child” will be 18 years or younger. And since an overwhelming majority of children crossing the border have no documentation as to when they were born, “We got trouble right here in River City.” There are already cases (documented cases, Chrissy) where “children” turn out to be older than presented.

Yes, they are claiming there are certain standards must be met before children are sent here and the numbers they are floating sound like we won’t be seeing much any time soon, but given the number of unaccompanied minors being reported, I expect we’ll be seeing that place fill up before the end of the year if not sooner. And anyone who thinks this is going to be a Greensboro problem only lives in Chrissy’s world.

We, the citizens of Greensboro and Guilford County, will need to be more on guard than ever. If these illegal immigrants adhere to our laws and respect our community then great, awesome, wonderful. They are welcome to temporarily stay until they can be placed. But somehow, I don’t see this facility being only minors for long. At some point, the federal government (read Uncle Joe and the (National Socialist) Democrat Party) will decide they need more storage room and will look at Greensboro saying, “Hey, we got an empty facility there. Let’s ‘temporarily’ house illegals there.”

Get ready Greensboro and Guilford County. Things are starting to catch up with us and I personally do not see a good outcome here, but I truly hope I’m wrong.

We all need to stay tuned to this. It has the potential to drastically affect the quality of life in Greensboro, the small towns of Guilford County and the county itself.

Hope I’m wrong.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall


Illegal Immigration All Smoke And Mirrors

Dear Editor,

One of the common threads authoritarians use to convince you to cede control and power to them is to use your personal fears against you. They will, of course, tell you that only they can save you. A favorite fear used by authoritarians is racial fear. Under Trump, Republicans have shown they are so positive in their use of racial fear as necessary to regain the White House, they scuttled the most conservative immigration reform bill submitted in decades.

Turn on your conservative talk radio, news, social media, or listen to any Trump rally speech and you will hear about the invasion of awful people crossing our borders coming here to rob, steal, rape and murder. They will take the single action of one illegal immigrant and use that to stoke fear by repeating the story again and again and again. But it is all smoke and mirrors to play against your personal biases and fears.  The truth is that illegal immigrants and immigrants in general commit less crime than native-born Americans. There are numerous studies that prove this fact but the gold standard study can be found here:

Study after study shows illegal immigrants are 50 percent less likely to commit crime. It makes sense that they would want to avoid arrest for fear of deportation. The data tells the truth.

The border is certainly an issue given the spike in illegal crossings and the use of the asylum loophole that drives a catch and release approach (it’s not a choice…it’s the law) due to underfunded courts and detention centers. The recent immigration reform bill would have closed the asylum loophole and greatly reduced border crossing. But the real fear was republicans losing their best fear mongering tool so they lied about how the bill worked. They claimed that the bill allowed 5,000 crossings a day. The truth is that the bill shut down the border after the average encounters per day reached 5,000 per day.  Not 5,000 released into the US. All illegal crossers would be held for 15 days while their asylum request was expedited and determined prior to release. With the majority most likely being denied. With the loophole closed, the financial cost of crossing would no longer be worth the risk and therefore drive down the illegal crossings.

Trust facts and data. Not lies. Validate your sources to only those that use data validated facts. Don’t allow them to use single worst case examples or unsubstantiated talking points yelled into a microphone to drive your fears.

The second thread that authoritarians use is to paint their opposition as the enemy or evil etc. But that is my next letter.

Christian Rice