Country Needs Realistic Leaders

Dear Editor,

While the counter-revolution begins against the anti-American, anti-capitalist woke mob, please let us add all of their allies in the financial system to the list of enemies of the citizenry.

The bureaucratic and economic leadership of our country has led us to moral and financial bankruptcy.

It is time to return to sound money, a Judeo-Christian ethic as our moral guide and to main street for our economic health.

If we are to climb out of the abyss that our country is in, there is going to have to be sacrifice by all of the citizenry.

We are suffering from a moral and economic rot that needs to be faced head on. Now.

Our country needs realistic leaders that are going to be truthful about the decline of our country’s health and offer specific solutions that will offer us rebirth.

Jamie LaMuraglia


Small Towns Could Be Swallowed Up

Dear Editor,

I want to say up front I am a member of the Town Council of the town of Pleasant Garden.

That being said, this move by Mr. Couch concerns me because of the potential fallout for not just Summerfield but every other small town that incorporated in order to protect themselves and their citizens from being swallowed up by Greensboro and losing the ability to chart their own course.

If things go the way of Greensboro, and portions of the town become unincorporated, it will be the first domino falling, allowing Greensboro to begin taking what they want when they want. Pleasant Garden will become a major target for them due to the Toyota plant – a very large and ripe plum. Yes, the plant is in Randolph County, but how many workers will be living here. This is a potential tax source Greensboro can’t pass up. And the county commissioners are the unknown quantity in this equation, although the probability is when it comes to it they will lean towards Greensboro.

We incorporated to keep Greensboro out to maintain our small town feel, our independence, our ability to rule ourselves and set our own course. Before the plant, we were pretty much ignored and treated as a bunch of people who were a bother. But we persevered, we worked and now we are courted by not just the county but the state as well.

I grew up in a small town like this in Ohio, and when the nearby city decided they needed the land they came after them. The area has changed completely. What used to be farms we played on are now housing developments full of cookie cutter houses. Pleasant Garden doesn’t want that and I would guess other small towns around us feel the same way.

This is a David vs. Goliath situation. Possibly Goliaths (plural) because I’m including the county commissioners and the state. If they believe in the American way, in what people like me who fought for, and in some cases died for, this country and the freedom it stands for, in what the people of Pleasant Garden, Summerfield and all the other small towns around Greensboro wanted when they incorporated because they wanted to decide their own fate, their own way of life. And the state, with their changes to the rules for incorporation, makes me think it is going to rule in favor of the de-annexation request.

What we, the small towns, have is the bedrock of what the republic that is our great country was built on. What Greensboro sees is another source of tax income and they don’t care about the people who they hurt.

Unfortunately, if Greensboro decides to go through with the presented scenario, we already know what the outcome will be and, short of an armed revolt, small towns will lose with the help of the county commissioners. Only one of them has anything to lose, and we know which side Skippy and his willing thralls will come down on.  And don’t think moving across the county line will be the answer. It will continue to spread.

Citizens of Pleasant Garden and all the other small towns … carpe diem!

Alan Marshall