City Needs More Enforcement Of Traffic Laws

Dear Editor,

For 12 years plus, I have pleaded with our city officials, the Greensboro Police Department, two police chiefs and citizens about the lack of traffic law enforcement in Greensboro. Specifically, I have referred to the Intersections at Wendover Avenue and Cridland Road and Wendover and Hill Street.

Repeatedly, I have advised one day there will be a fatal crash at these intersections, to no avail.  At a recent accident at Hill Street and Wendover, the victim hit claims the other vehicle ran the stop light on Wendover. Believe me, it happens all day long. Unfortunately, the victim that got hit didn’t have a witness and GPD wouldn’t write a ticket for an at-fault accident, therefore she will have to pay her collision deductible ($500) and get insurance points for three years and most likely raise her auto insurance 30 percent to 40 percent!

 Why won’t our city leaders and GPD enforce traffic laws on our city streets?

Why aren’t there traffic cameras at these intersections with repeated crashes to record and protect the law-abiding citizens?

This is a huge problem and Greensboro needs to clean house with our current leadership, including our mayor, police chief and sheriff. They have failed miserably. If you feel as I do, please vote in the upcoming city and county elections.

At this time the only candidates I can endorse are Justin Outling for mayor, Katie Rossabi for City Council at large and Phil Byrd for sheriff.

Jim Donaldson