Greensboro Theme Song ‘Danger Zone’

Dear Editor,

We caught a few OK bass tonight at Buffalo Lake, but a very disturbing adventure. I met a friend (18 years with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department) at 6 p.m. As I pulled up, a car pulled into the adjacent unoccupied Hams property with two occupants. A young Hispanic got out and walked on to the posted property. My friend immediately approached him, and the individual advised he had lost a bracelet on the property and was looking for it. At that time my friend thinks the individual noticed his T-shirt, which appeared to have a law enforcement shield on it. The individual immediately left saying something smart. My friend had seen these two ride by earlier very slowly and truly believes they were there to rob us.

It would have been a short fight as my friend had three concealed pistols on him. I will no longer venture out in Greensboro without my weapon. All I can think of is Kenny Loggins song “Danger Zone”! It has my vote for the new theme song for Greensboro, N.C.

Jim Donaldson