Law Enforcement Is The Cure

Dear Editor,

How brilliant are our Guilford County commissioners?

Yep, savages with guns will unmercifully kill innocent people. With my limited knowledge of public health, that could be considered a public health crisis.

Guess what the prescription for curing this public health crisis could be. Effective and aggressive law enforcement.

Wake up, if you are really informed and effective leaders. Get the guns and the criminals off the streets and keep them off the streets, consequently there is a possibility this public health crisis would disappear.

Since it’s a crisis and the Greensboro Police Department and the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department can’t or won’t handle it, call in the National Guard. Many of the savages and punks in Guilford County and Greensboro are carrying firearms because they are too weak to fight like real men and women.

Any crusade to solve this problem would begin with aggressive law enforcement including license checks, road blocks, stopping suspicious people and vehicles, DWI checkpoints enforcing current driver’s license, registration and insurance laws.

Law enforcement or the National Guard could easily get over 500 criminals and illegal guns off the street each week. Wouldn’t take long before our current so-called public health crisis would be healed.

Jim Donaldson