Doesn’t Like Cops

Dear Editor,

I am a law-abiding citizen, about as law abiding as you can get, actually. My worst transgressions are speeding tickets.

But I have always despised cops. Maybe I’ve been unlucky but the ones I’ve encountered always seemed to relish the power they had over me and used it to cause me pain (financial and logistic).  All for a “crime” that had no victim.

I speed chronically and always have, but strangely have never had an accident. How can that be? Aren’t we told incessantly that speed kills? I’ve never killed anyone; I’ve never even been in a fender-bender in 40 years. So their hypothesis must necessarily be wrong, logically. In my experience, it’s the slow drivers who have accidents and cause accidents. They’re not good drivers, and they know it.

But anyway, today I am disgusted by the news that Angeli Rose Gomez, a Hispanic farm worker in Texas, is being harassed by local law enforcement.  Her crime? She ran to Robb Elementary School when she heard about a shooting, disobeyed orders by the cowardly cops and ran into the school to collect her sons and save them.

She is maybe 100 pounds, dripping wet, and was unarmed. She slipped the handcuffs that the “brave” law enforcement officers had put on her and ran in quickly to save her kids. The cops stood by and watched – picking their noses, presumably.

I despise police. They are generally high control/low intelligence individuals who are drawn to this profession because they can exercise control over others. They relish their power. It’s what turns them on. These people were often the schoolyard bully. Odious and unlikeable, they often chose to hide behind the badge, where they are magically transformed into heroes. Their fantasy is fulfilled!

But … but … when it comes to it, like in Texas, they are exposed for what they are, as they stand around for 77 minutes! Doing nothing – sorry, “securing the perimeter” –  while little boys and girls are being shot by a madman.

Is it any wonder I despise cops?

Hey, big guy, why don’t you just go give a speeding ticket to Grandma? That’s all you’re good for.  Tosser.


Austin Morris