Airports were one of the hardest hit victims of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, but now, with the virus more and more in the rearview mirror, passenger traffic is growing at Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTIA).

The airport has been – and still is – preparing – for the expected rush of flyers due to all the pent-up travel demand.

The good news is that the airport used the downtime to make improvements to parking decks, the main terminal, air traffic control operations and to make other changes meant to improve the experience for passengers and airlines.

PTIA also recently announced some other things that should help the experience.

For one thing, valet parking is now open once again at the airport.

For another, the airport’s parking garage is now fully reopened.

PTIA is also trying to make it easier for passengers to get through security lines.  The airport has scheduled a TSA PreCheck Event for Monday, Aug. 1 through Friday, Aug.  5.  According to PTIA officials, the PreCheck program  “allows approved low-risk travelers to experience faster, more efficient TSA screenings at participating US airport checkpoints for 5 full years.”

There is an $85 charge but then think how nice it will be to move through lines quickly at PTIA and other airports.  Also, there’s no charge for children under 12.  You can find an application and reserve an event appointment online.

The new post-pandemic PTIA  has other improvements going on as well.  For instance, the airport is currently replacing all of its in-terminal escalators. It might be a little confusing while the job is being completed, but then passengers should enjoy the upgrade.

Other changes will be noticeable as well.  For instance, the lighting in the airport’s parking garage is being improved.