Democrats Want To Destroy Our Form Of Government

Dear Editor,

Warning! The following missive is going to outrage, irritate and flat out P.O. some people. To them I say step back, take a breath and think about what’s been done. It’s not the lie your handlers in the (National Socialist) Democrat party are trying to hand you.

I’m glad Roe v. Wade has been struck down as a “constitutional right.” It never was. I defy anyone to show me where it is. What’s happened is something that shouldn’t have been decided and enforced at the federal level under the cover of the Constitution has been returned to where it should have been at the state level. This ruling didn’t outlaw abortions, contrary to what leftist radical liars would have you believe. The decision as to what will be legal is now on the state legislatures and that is going to be interesting to watch as they’re now in the hot seat and must now put up or shut up. Hopefully it’s also going to motivate more people to get involved in local politics.

As for my opinion, I believe there are very, very, very narrow circumstances under which an abortion might be considered the only option. I never have and never will support abortion on demand. That, in my opinion, is murder cut and dry.

One thing I believe is if law enforcement is willing to do their job and show they are politically neutral, they’ll use this opportunity to seek out and incarcerate those that have and are advocating violence of any and all types of violence as part of their ultimate agenda, that being the destruction of our republic and replacing it with socialism.

I just heard something very scary and needs to be, in my opinion, investigated by members of Congress. Maxine Waters said, on camera, “To hell with the Supreme Court!” So, Maxine, you want to overthrow the Supreme Court and replace it with what? Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called members of the court “right wing” politicians that need to be removed and replaced.

What we’re seeing is the true colors of the left and the (National Socialist) Democrat party and their desire to destroy our current form of government by any means and replace it with their controlled form of Socialism where they and only they are in charge.

Who will stand with me to defend this Republic?

Alan Marshall


Laws Need To Be Enforced

Dear Editor,

Wake up, Greensboro, Mayor Nancy Vaughan! Even New York City knows aggressive law enforcement is necessary to curb crime. They do it by confiscating and destroying criminal’s dirt bikes and ATV’s. And you say what? “Greensboro can’t police their way out of crime?” You appear to be lost as an effective leader?

Just another note on the lawlessness in Greensboro. 9 p.m. tonight at Cone Boulevard and Church St. Not only were the illegal four wheelers and dirt bikes out on the streets of Greensboro, I also saw three fabulous burnouts here. Our current Mayor Nancy Vaughan has blood on her hands because she refuses to allow our law enforcement professionals do their sworn duty of enforcing all laws leaving our good citizens of Greensboro in harm’s way. In fact, Mayor Nancy Vaughan doesn’t believe in law enforcement.

Yes, Mayor Vaughan there are too many families in Greensboro whose lives have been destroyed by your lack of leadership. Just a few of these include:

– A friend’s son lost to an overdose of fentanyl.

– A friend and father was hit by a stop light runner. He was pierced by a sign post and it missed his heart by 6 inches.

– A friend and my mechanic also at the same intersection was hit by a criminal running the stop light. He will have to live with chronic back issues for life

– A friend and father inspecting a property was hit on a sidewalk by a woman under the influence of narcotics. Following the accident, the driver decided to destroy the evidence, ingested the narcotics and had an overdose at the scene! My friend has had multiple surgeries and may never walk again.

Yes, there is a tremendous amount of blood on your hands, Mayor Vaughan. The City of Greensboro needs a transfusion yet you sit back and do nothing to protect us, meanwhile, many in our once fine city are suffering.

Just remember, Greensboro voters, a vote for Mayor Nancy Vaughan will leave blood on your hands as well!…/watch-hundreds-of…

Jim Donaldson