Vote For A Change On July 26

Dear Editor

With reference to your recent article, “Election Plays A Part,” concerning the recent budget proposal for the City of Greensboro.

I find it ludicrous that the City Council would even consider a tax increase when its citizens are struggling financially to put gas in their cars and food on the table.

We have an opportunity on July 26 to begin changing the face of our City Council. While I know that City Council elections are nonpartisan, changing the face of the council with more conservative councilmembers can make a big difference in how budgets are structured in the coming years.

Let’s take this opportunity to write in Chris Meadows for mayor and vote for Zack Matheny District 3, Tony Wilkins District 5, Thurston Reeder District 4 and Katie Rossabi for At Large.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make these changes on July 26. Get out and vote!

Cheryl Humphries


We’re Losing Our Way Of Life

Dear Editor,

Uncle Joe and the (National Socialist) party are winning. People are saying they are at the point that they have to choose between putting gas in their tank or food in their pantry.

Guess what, those worlds are getting close to colliding and people don’t seem to realize it.

Farmers plant, grow and harvest our food. Ranchers raise and produce the meat and dairy products we eat and drink. They sell and ship it to those companies that produce the end result, that being the items we require to stay alive and healthy.

People everywhere are complaining about prices in the stores going up while the portions are going down. Anyone care to guess what people haven’t considered ramifications of the higher oil prices hoisted onto us by Uncle Joe and the common denominator in this situation?

How about the price of fuel? Farmers and ranchers require fuel to run their equipment and their trucks to move it. Animal feed, fertilizer and in some cases insecticides must also be distributed. And we’re not talking about those 10- or 25-pound bags you use on your lawn and garden. Think bigger.

Now throw in the cost of fuel to transport these items to the processing plants, the processing itself, then the transportation and distribution to your favorite local grocery store.

Solar and wind technology is not even on the radar when it comes to resolving these extremely serious problems. It’s only a matter of time before things like power generation start going the same way. There are already reports of possible induced rolling blackouts in some parts of the country. Power is turned off, your refrigerator quits working, food spoils, which means you have to throw it out and replace it at current prices. There’s a vicious cycle there.

Americans have worked hard to achieve a way of life they dreamed of growing up and then wish to pass on to their children the ability to make it even better for them, but the (National Socialist) Democrats can’t have that because it reduces the number of willing thralls they will have at their disposal. It interferes with their plans to convert this great country, this shining beacon of light representing hope on the mountain top into their personal collection of fiefdoms.

Satan saw me on bended knee, my head bowed and smiled until I closed with amen.

Alan Marshall


Your Safety Is In Peril

Dear Editor,

As civility in Greensboro continues to disappear, you don’t need a AR-15, you need two!

Laws have not been effectively enforced in Greensboro for over 10 years resulting in the highest number of aggravated assaults in the state of North Carolina. Now your leaders are defunding the Greensboro Police Department because they have no idea on how to protect the safety of our law abiding citizens? They have thrown in the towel so now it is now up to our citizens to protect their own safety.

This has happened under the leadership (?) of Mayor Nancy Vaughan and current Guilford County District Attorney Avery Crump, who have decided to protect the rights of criminals, felons and those in the act of resisting arrest.

Good luck, Greensboro, you are currently in deep doo-doo and your safety is in peril.

Jim Donaldson