Conflicts Of Interests

Dear Editor,

I have no conflicts of interests.  Over recent weeks, two of the three mayoral candidates have been pointing out the conflicts of interest with the City of Greensboro that the other has.  Ms. Vaughan points out, and rightly so, that Mr. Outling is a partner in a law firm that does business with the City of Greensboro, reminding voters that he must recuse himself from city business and certain votes, rendering him incapable of being an effective mayor.  Mr. Outling points out, and rightly so, that Ms. Vaughan sits on the boards of organizations that receive your tax dollars that are allocated by the City Council.

Mr. Outling does work for a large local law firm that does business with the City of Greensboro.  He will have to recuse himself from certain votes and decisions that are made in the role of mayor.  We can’t have an effective mayor if he or she is not allowed to have a say in all city business.  Ms. Vaughan has voted and will continue to be able to vote on budgets that allocated funds to organizations with which she has affiliations and/or sits on the board.  Both have conflicts of interests and using their own criteria when pointing out the other’s conflicts, they both should be disqualified from being mayor.

In my profession, I raise private capital for investment into privately held companies.  I do not have business, nor do I solicit business from the City of Greensboro.  I’m the third candidate in this mayoral race and I have no conflicts of interests!

Write In Chris Meadows for mayor.

Chris Meadows