Good Guys With Guns

Dear Editor,

This is an open letter to businesses with “no guns” signs posted:

I try to avoid such places and take my business elsewhere. If the mall shooting in Greenwood, Illinois, proves anything at all, it is that a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun – within two minutes of the first shots. We’ve seen the lengthy response times for police to arrive after calls (and I like to believe that our local police and sheriff officers would have gone in, unlike those at Uvalde and Parkland).

There’s no way to know how many more people would have died had that young man at the mall not taken down the dirtbag who was trying to get his name in the media with a big body count. A good guy with a gun stopped the bad guy with a gun before he could kill. What’s the mantra: “If it saves just one life”? The lives saved by armed citizens cannot be calculated because they were saved. There are literally tens of thousands of instances each year where the mere presence of a firearm in the hands of the “good guy” prevented a tragedy, most of the time without the need to fire a shot. That doesn’t make headlines.

That is why the vast majority of mass shootings happen in so-called “gun-free-zones” – where only the bad guy is armed! “Gun free” simply means “open season on everyone in here” to murderers and crazies, who – surprise, surprise – are already planning to break the law!

When the good guys are armed, the bad guys get off less shots! Simple fact.

Consider, the holder of a NC concealed carry permit:

Has no history of violent crime or domestic abuse.

Has no history of mental disorders.

Has followed the rules and gotten his/her fingerprints on file with the sheriff.

Has had proficiency training and testing with handguns.

Has had training on the laws regarding the use of deadly force.

That person is a certified good citizen, part of the demographic with the lowest rate of violent crime of any.

Can you say that about everyone else who enters your establishment?

Think about it.

Jay Callaham



Someone Has Their Hand In The Cookie Jar

Dear Editor,

A $300 million project becomes a $450 million project. Someone has their hand or hands in the cookie jar.

Could it be Skip Alston and his band of cronies on the board of county commissioners, or the oversight board, the members of the school board, or general contractor and their subs? Or all of the above?

The state auditor needs to conduct their own investigation. No official in Guilford County has the guts to ask for this. Maybe someone in our group of state legislators will call for one. I will not hold my breath.

Wilson Chandler