Our Money Supports Drug Users

Dear Editor,

There’s a report that there is a new variation on fentanyl-laced drugs. The report says they are now mixing horse tranquilizers into the drugs and, as a result, Narcan is rendered nearly or completely ineffective.

Meanwhile, in places like the People’s Republic of California, they’re giving out crack pipes and other such items encouraging the continuation of this type of behavior. More money is being spent to support drug users and their habits than trying to cure them. That’s state and federal taxpayer money, our money, encouraging these actions. And don’t think the problem is only out here. We have it here in North Carolina as well, just not quite as bad. But remember what starts on the West Coast creeps across the country and will become a problem in major North Carolina cities. Look at other locations like New York City, where they, in essence, decriminalized so many things that they are turning into a third world hellhole. (Sorry, NYC, but the truth hurts.)

Remember, these actions are the results of elected officials. People who are supposed to be representing “we the people.”

The other thing that’s very scary is how some Republican candidates are going about trying to raise money. What it boils down to, IMHO, is they are in essence buying votes. Has our system become so broken that they are being allowed to resort to this? Worse, are we so numb to it all that we are allowing it to happen? Keep in mind these people could (in some cases, have) begun acting in the interest of others, both in and out of this state, ignoring the people who put them there to represent them. They have, in a few cases, done what their party masters direct instead of those they are supposed to be working for. I believe the term for that is socialism.

More and more the people are losing control of their government and country, and the primary reason they are getting away with all this is because people have become so apathetic that all they want to do is complain, not act.

We need to eliminate this “early voting” nonsense, make Election Day a federal holiday and only allow for “early voting” to take place starting the Friday prior to Election Day.

But what do I know? I’m a “right wing radical nut job” who only cares about other WASPs.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall