Eliminate Conflicts Of Interest

Dear Editor,

The Rhino Times article “One Step Further Gets $390K To Cure Violence And Help Those At Risk” is why anyone with a conflict of interest needs to be removed from our City Council and Guilford County Board of Commissioners. (Absolutely no ifs, ands, and buts!)

City Councilmember Yvonne Johnson’s “Cure the Violence Program” has produced no measurable results, yet our City Council continues to fund it and build upon it year after year.

And then there is Skip Alston’s disaster of a money eating “International Civil Rights Center and Museum” that has sucked money from taxpayers for over a decade.  Any wise person would merge the civil rights museum with the Greensboro Historical Museum. This would make the already interesting Greensboro Historical Museum even more interesting, and it has always been very well run.

If there was a law against ignorance and wastefulness in city and county government, all these leaders would be in jail.

Jim Donaldson