Outling Follows Through

Dear Editor,

July – the month for fireworks, cookouts, a long-awaited Beyoncé album and, this year, municipal elections. Don’t let the unusual date on the calendar prevent you from showing up to vote for our next mayor and councilmembers. It’s not November, but this is an important election.

As an East Greensboro resident, I am tired of the lack of substantive action by Mayor Nancy Vaughan. Nancy touts economic development, but we don’t see much on this side of town. We need grocery stores, sidewalks, affordable housing, trees, buried power lines and efficient public transportation. We need real, tangible services – not just talking, but actually getting things done.

This is how I know Justin Outling will be a mayor that follows through: I mentioned to him in passing that there was profane and vulgar graffiti on a section of sidewalk in my neighborhood where kids often ride bikes. The next day, I was contacted by city customer service. The graffiti was gone by that evening.

Greensboro needs a mayor who will listen to all residents, set an agenda, create a plan of action and follow through on campaign promises. Justin Outling is that person. I look forward to voting for him on July 26.

Jolie Pringle