On Friday, July 1, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department reported that the books have finally been closed on a summer 2018 murder case.

The longtime suspect has pled guilty to second-degree murder.  Samuel James Youse III has pled guilty in Guilford County Superior Court in the case of the death of Jamar Mannasseh Rose.

In August of 2018, Rose’s dead body was found in the northern section of Guilford County after Rose had been reported as a missing person to the Reidsville Police Department.

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Department, assisted by the Reidsville Police Department, conducted the investigation that ultimately led to the arrest of Youse and he was charged with the murder that took place nearly four years ago.  As a result of the guilty plea, Youse was given an active sentence of 12 years to 15 and a half years behind bars.

In August of 2018, the then 18-year-old Youse was arrested and charged with

first-degree murder, felony possession of a stolen motor vehicle and felony larceny in relation to the Rose murder case.

Rose’s remains were found on Aug. 8 in Browns Summit and, about a week later, Youse was being held in the Greensboro jail without bond.

Though this murder case took nearly four years from arrest to conviction, that timing is not as unusual as one might think. Murder cases in the Guilford County court system often take a very long time from arrest to conviction and, a few years ago, there was a murder suspect who had been held in the Guilford County jail system for five years before being tried.