In Support Of Color Blind Justice

Dear Editor,

Recently Elma Hairston, president of the High Point NAACP chapter, said, “Research shows, black people and people of color continue to be disproportionately represented among felony convictions in North Carolina.”  That’s true because they disproportionately commit more crimes.

I am so-o-o tired of blacks and people of color crying they are being treated worse than whites.  Give me a break.  I don’t give a rat’s behind about the skin color of a criminal.  White, black, red, green, purple – I just don’t care.   If you do the crime, you should do the time. That’s plain, simple and equal justice.  That’s an easy concept that everybody knows but is afraid to say out loud because they are afraid of being labeled as xxx (fill in the blank).

Everybody wants to live in safe neighborhoods and don’t care about the skin color of their neighbor.  They just want good neighbors and the criminals locked up.

Now let’s talk about improving laws so people don’t go to jail for 20 years for what may be a minor crime, or are first time offenders or juveniles.  Of course that depends upon the crime and their criminal history.  Nobody put a gun to their head and forced them to commit a crime, so please don’t tell me about their broken home, race or economic status when setting bail or the length of their sentence.

Purse snatching might seem like a minor crime.  That is, of course, unless it happens to you, your wife, mother or daughter.  It’s easy to talk about what to do when somebody else’s purse is stolen or someone else’s business is looted.  Will you still talk in general abstract terms about policing and the judicial system when you or a loved one are victims?  Answer: No.

By the way, how often and how much money and property must a business be forced to lose to shoplifters and looters before they close and move out? When they do, the community suffers.

Cashless bail is not the answer.  In cities where this is in place, crime rates go up. Duh! Unchecked crimes and criminals that go free will only commit more crimes.  Enforce the laws equally for all criminals and stop crying about locking up people who are criminals.

Ken Orms


MSNBC And CNN Kings Of Disinformation

Dear Editor,

I’m in purgatory!

I have to watch MSNBC and CNN with all their incredibly one sided “reporting” because my host does not believe anybody else gives “true reporting.” I’ve occasionally watched these (National Socialist) Democrat Party propaganda organs in order to do comparisons between news reporting organizations and have become convinced that these two are king of the hill on disinformation after having to watch them consistently.

I say all this because the one thing that is done in almost every story and talk is bashing Republicans/conservatives, and it’s not backhandedly. In some cases I find myself laughing at them as they blatantly put out false information, i.e. lies. To their credit they do occasionally report actual news with accurate information

Yes, the other side has their own versions that make it no secret their opinion of Democrats. And quite honestly they disturb me as well because both sides are not only not making things bad, they are, IMO, antagonizing things to the point that radicals on both sides use that as their excuse to do what they do in order to “save the country.”

The people that are hurt most by all this are the people in the middle, on both sides, that are just trying to intelligently decide how to vote. The other thing that is being destroyed is the system by which Americans live.

One thing I’ve been hearing regularly is how Republicans/conservatives are suppressing certain people’s right to vote, yet no details are given. Are they telling them they aren’t registered? Are they locking the doors of selected voting sites? Please give details. And if it is happening, why aren’t immediate investigations started with national news coverage. Maybe because it’s not happening, or at least on the scale they are trying to claim?

Here’s a suggestion. Go back to voting on Election Day only, although I would be willing to agree to adding a couple of days before for early voting, not three months. And make Election Day a national holiday. That’s one excuse for not voting done away with.

And don’t get me started on how we’ve gone from getting results the same night to not knowing for weeks and the phenomenon of suddenly finding boxes of uncounted votes. If they got lost, federally prosecute the election officials and have the final certification stand.

Remember, this is the true voice of we the people!

Carpe diem.

Alan Marshall