We Want Answers

Dear Editor,

I’m thinking about starting a pool – a pool on how much longer the City Council can stall and continue to do the City Council Two Step on the issue with the city manager. How much longer they will need to do their best to hide all the facts, records and people that would show just what happened that night.

At this point it seems someone needs to file Freedom of Information Act paperwork to get the records and recordings that the police chief appears, appears to be hiding and answers on why it has been covered up for so long. But even if someone did, the Omnipotent Council of Greensboro would do anything and everything to drag it out until it dies a quiet death. I wonder what would happen if the Council Chambers were packed with citizens who signed up to talk and every one got up asking the same question. My money is a sudden shutdown of that portion of the meeting. Oh, and all those people showing up wearing shirts saying, “We want answers!” since signs are not permitted. Unfortunately, if those folks, citizens, showed up they would be ignored because they won’t/didn’t vote for the imperials so why listen to them.

This whole circus needs to be used as motivation for conservatives and true Republicans to get out and vote. Use their own tactics and ideas against them by bussing people to the polls. Get carpools to bring them out. Until this (in my opinion, illegal) act of early voting can be revoked and some semblance of control of our elections returns to the people, not the (National Socialist) Democrat Party and their ilk, our system of government will continue the slow, lurching movement away from a Constitutional Republic of, by, and for the People towards a Socialist dictatorship run by a handful of we-know-what’s-best-for-you-peasants and a complete loss of what so many have fought and died to protect.

“Stand your ground; don’t fire unless fired upon…”

Carpe Diem

Alan Marshall


No AI In Elections

Dear Editor,

I think that “our” government needs to pass legislation that would ban the use of artificial intelligence in elections. AI should noy be used to make speeches or allowed in campaign advertisements. It should not be allowed in polling or used to count votes. AI should be banned from all elections.

Chuck Mann


Strength with Grace

Dear Editor,

As early voting season is now upon us, please consider voting for Michelle Bardsley for NC House District 62.  I have known Michelle for several years and count her as one of the most dedicated, intelligent and caring people I know.

When you meet Michelle, you see a beautiful, accomplished and successful businesswoman who demonstrates kindness and consideration.  Consequently, many have asked me if Michelle has enough mental strength and “backbone” to truly represent the citizens of District 62 as a leader.  To that statement I give a resounding yes!

Michelle has an extensive background working with teens and young adults.  She raised four children who are now fine young adults.  She has worked as a high school teacher volunteering as an advisor for several teen groups and clubs through the years.  She opens new classes with an assurance to the students that she cares for them and will work with them and for them, demonstrating her care.  She has been involved in several youth mission trips helping young people find their way in life through giving.  Many of us are challenged when working with young people.  I think it is one of the toughest groups to work with effectively in our society.  That is the demonstrated skill set she wants to bring to Raleigh.

Can she do the job?  Absolutely!  She will do the job with the same care, concern, and finesse she has developed working with our young people in Guilford County.  Please don’t buy into the lie that for a representative to be effective they must be gruff and rough.  Michelle embodies civility and strength.  Choose Michelle Bardsley as the NC House District 62 representative.

Lynn Andrew