End Gerrymandering

Dear Editor,

If this past election has taught us anything, it’s that each of our votes truly matters and must be counted. To make sure that a fair election process happens every time, we must have fair electoral maps and end the practice of gerrymandering. We all need to play an active role in how our political maps are drawn during the upcoming redistricting process.

Redistricting is the process of redrawing our districts to reflect the change in our population recorded by the census, which occurs every 10 years. Gerrymandering happens when politicians manipulate this process in order to draw electoral maps that ensure their party wins more districts that are out of proportion to the actual percentage of the population. Gerrymandering changes the value and weight of every vote. It’s unfair and it’s cheating – no matter which party tries it.

Our political system is broken and politicians are making it worse by using gerrymandering to ensure they get reelected. Gerrymandering contributes to hyper-partisanship in our politics and allows politicians to pander to special interests but ignore the people they represent.

2021 is an important year because we the people can call and lobby our elected officials as they draw maps. We can demand and attend hearings. We can make it known that it’s time to end gerrymandering. I’m asking my neighbors to join me and push for fair maps.

Tim Lindeman



When Answers Cause More Troubling Questions

Dear Editor,

A Dominion representative claimed their voting machine could not be manipulated or produce incorrect results since a hard copy result is printed out. If the voter is encouraged to review an accurate printout, this is an extremely reasonable argument. However, during the Pennsylvania state Senate election irregularity hearing, an important detail emerged. An 80-year-old Republican voter reviewed the machine printout. All of her down ballot selections were recorded. Her vote for President Trump was missing. She claimed the election official said, “most people don’t look at the printout.” So she was gently encouraged to not check accuracy of the printout. She continued to question the printout. The elections official said the vote wasn’t recorded for “voter privacy.” Since voters are encouraged to not look at their own printouts, you can assume that voters aren’t allowed to look at other voters either. Also, only one race, the presidential race, was hidden for privacy. Other down ballot results that require similar privacy concerns were printed out. The voter’s daughter confirms the incident occurred as stated. The voter’s daughter and son-in-law both confirmed that their presidential choices were recorded on the printout in another election precinct.

We don’t know if the machines involved were produced by Dominion. However, this points to exactly how a precinct could produce inaccurate vote count despite the check. Remember, Antrim County Michigan used Dominion machines. The Dominion machine produced inaccurate results. In Pennsylvania, the voter was encouraged to not review the printout/evidence. The vote selection was not included for extremely questionable “privacy” reasons. These voter printouts are likely used to perform hand recounts. By not including the results in the printout, the manual recount will match machine generated falsified results.

This was one of many troubling details that emerged from testimony of eyewitnesses and experts under oath. This will continue to be “unsubstantiated” as long as it is not investigated. This must be investigated now to discourage it from happening again.

Alan Burke



Continue To Support President Trump

Dear Editor,

As much as I don’t like it, it appears that Creepy Uncle Joe appears to be on track to become the next president. Only a truly bombshell discovery will prevent it.

While there have been many things that President Trump has done and said that I considered silly, stupid or just plain wrong, I continue to be a supporter for the simple reason that the man gets things done. You may not like what he says or how he does it, but he has done many things that have and will benefit this country. In spite of the screaming, crying, whining and flat out lies that have been thrown out by the (National Socialist) Democrat Party and their various toadies, minions and mindless zombie followers, this country has prospered under him.

Unemployment numbers at historical lows across the board, more money in the pockets of the workers than before, a stock market that has risen to new highs, which benefits not just the big investors but the little guy as well by growing his 401K and the retirees that depend on those investments for that additional source of income. But unfortunately all that is about to come to an end.

Biden, should he finally get elected, has already said he will return to the Paris Accords, which means American business and industries will see unholy, unscientific environmental regulations placed unfairly on them while their overseas competition (aka the Biden family friends in China, Ukraine and God only knows who else) will get a pass. It is also going to result in a massive shift of American dollars to other countries “out of fairness” because it’s a Bad Thing that the U.S. is well off. We got it by exploiting and taking advantage of these poorer countries.

At least that’s their story.

I fear we will wind up back in that abortion of a treaty that Dear Leader set up with Iran. If that happens, our national security will be at stake.

Already they are warning that illegal aliens are preparing to pour across our southern border if/when Biden is confirmed. And why not, they will get that precious American citizenship without having to play by the rules others have.

I guess the old saying about the pendulum may be true. We’re possibly going from feast to famine.

Alan Marshall