Voters Responsible For Huge Tax Increase

Dear Editor,

It is amazing.  Just a short time ago, the Guilford County Board of Commissioners had a majority of conservative commissioners.  When property revaluation occurred, the tax rate was lowered an equivalent amount so everyone paid the same amount of taxes.  The current majority, liberal (Democrat) commissioners didn’t do that this year.  Taxes soared.  Amazingly, the majority of people in Guilford County are no better off, no better serviced, not safer and certainly less wealthy with the liberal majority commission.

When you look at your huge property tax bill, point to yourself and say; “I did that.  It’s my fault.  I voted in the crew of liberal, tax and spend Democrats!”

Joseph Heller



Republicans Believe In Life – Democrats Don’t

Dear Editor,

People generally express sympathy and try to comfort a pregnant woman if she has a miscarriage and her baby dies.  However, other women are celebrated and praised for having an abortion and killing the baby in her womb.  Her body, her choice is often heard.  Besides, she didn’t want the baby anyhow and killing the baby at 16, 20, 26 weeks or at the time of birth is OK for these people.

Facts are interesting.  On Feb. 4 this year, Maryland Democrat state Sen. William Smith sponsored legislation that would legalize infanticide and prohibit investigations and criminal prosecutions of women and medical professionals for a “failure to act” to preserve the life of a baby that was born.

If a baby is just a lump of something growing inside the womb of a pregnant woman and she is killed in a car crash, why is the offender charged with two counts of homicide?  The same holds true if a pregnant woman is shot and killed.  Abortion supporters have no logical explanation or response.  There are no tears shed for the lump of humanity in the womb, only for the dead woman.

When Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood, she set up abortion clinics in minority communities because she wanted more minority babies to be aborted and killed.  That is racism, plain and simple.  Since Roe v. Wade, more than 62 million babies have been aborted and murdered.  Liberal Democrats have been on the wrong side of this issue for more than 50 years and have supported and fought for this racist practice.  Since the majority of aborted babies are minority mothers, Democrats have missed out on generations of potential Democrat voters by encouraging abortions. Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees!

The Supreme Court did not eliminate abortions.  They ruled that Roe was the wrongly decided and that states should decide if abortions should be legal in each state.  That’s it.  If liberal Democrats think murdering babies in the womb is a good thing, they should try to convince state legislators to permit this abhorrent procedure.  Don’t forget to ask liberal Democrats which of their children they wish they had aborted and murdered.  Bet they wouldn’t have killed any of them.

Ken Orms