Nonprofit Corruption At City Hall

Dear Editor,

How come no one sees the corruption in allowing city councilmembers such as Yvonne Johnson to sit on boards that receive funds from city. Oh, of course, it’s OK because they recuse themselves when voting occurs. So the way I see it, the way it works is: “I’ll recuse myself when voting on my pork projects but (wink wink) I’ll support your projects when they come up for vote. Greensboro, how come we allow this? What does the News & Record say? Nothing. Just another Democrat rag.

Russell W. Gibson


Adopt A New Best Friend

Dear Editor,

Saturday, Aug. 26, was National Dog Day. I would like to encourage everyone to go to a local animal shelter and adopt a dog or two.

You can save a life and make a friend.

Everyone should have at least one dog.

Chuck Mann