LGBTQ Community Not Deviants

Dear Editor,

There have been several comments here in the Letters to The Editor section of the Rhino Times that refer to the LGBTQ community members as sexual deviants. Calling the LGBTQ community “deviants” is both inaccurate and wrong for several reasons:

1) It is discriminatory: Labeling a group of people as “deviants” is a form of discrimination, which is harmful and unjust. Such language creates a sense of “otherness” and can lead to the marginalization of the LGBTQ community.

2) It is factually incorrect: The term “deviant” implies that the LGBTQ community is abnormal or unnatural, which is not the case. The existence of LGBTQ individuals has been documented in numerous cultures throughout history and is a natural variation in human sexuality.

3) It promotes bigotry and intolerance: Using derogatory language towards a marginalized community contributes to the perpetuation of negative stereotypes and attitudes. This, in turn, can lead to discrimination, bullying, and hate crimes.

4) It lacks empathy and understanding: Calling the LGBTQ community “deviants” fails to recognize the human experiences of LGBTQ individuals. It disregards the struggles and challenges that many LGBTQ individuals face, such as discrimination, social exclusion, and violence.

5) It goes against the principles of equality and respect: Every individual deserves respect and equal treatment regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Using derogatory language towards the LGBTQ community undermines these principles.

Calling the LGBTQ community “deviants” is a form of discrimination that is harmful, inaccurate, and lacks empathy and understanding. Instead, we should strive to create a more inclusive and accepting society that respects the rights and dignity of all individuals. I ask the Rhino Times editors to discourage such open bigotry here on the pages of such a reputable news organization.

Omnes Conveniamus

Christian C. Rice

Unanswered Questions

Dear Editor,

Recently, a Supreme Court justice pondered a question on the limits of free speech as it pertains to protected groups.  However, the justice missed a step, or just doesn’t care to know, about who gets to decide which groups receive these protections.

The problem is civil rights legislation is being abused to fence in and limit exercise of constitutional protected rights.  Speech, voting, fair trials, petitioning lawmakers, association and the press are all being limited by alphabet soup of newly created protected groups.  It’s being used as a weapon for politicians to reward their base.

As an example, we now have “hate speech.”  What is “hate speech?”  It is essentially anything politicians want it to mean.  They accuse opponents of hate speech to avoid answering important questions or addressing uncomfortable evidence.  Politicians are reducing rights to advance their agenda/power while ignoring negative repercussions of their policies.  If you point out a policy failure you are stereotyping.

Alan Burke