It was obvious to anyone at the Tuesday, April 4, Guilford County Board of Education meeting that teacher Michael Logan was extremely upset when the six Democrats on the board ignored him – the choice of the local Republican party – and, suddenly, with no warning, put their own handpicked person – Bill Goebel – into the vacant District 3 seat instead.

Logan told the Rhino Times that, leading up to the meeting, all signs pointed to him, Logan, being put into the seat that night, and when the board made its surprise move, he spoke out and then was taken out of the room by a police officer.

One news report stated that he was put in handcuffs; however, Logan said that’s not true. Logan did say that he didn’t leave the first time he was told to do so.

“They told me I needed to leave and I refused,” he said. “I just held my ground.”

Logan said his refusal to leave was understandable since the school board, he said, had just snubbed its nose at state law, ethics and common decency – all supposedly justified by a very imaginative if somewhat tortured interpretation of the law by school board attorney Jill Wilson.

Logan said he’s no longer just out of the school board seat that is rightfully his but is also out of the Guilford County Schools teaching job that he’s held for years and years.

Logan, who was firmly convinced he would be seated on the Board of Education that night, resigned his teaching job ahead of the April 4 meeting because, he said, he thought the six Democrats on the school board might say he could not be seated until he resigned his teaching job in the school system due to the conflict of interest.

“I went ahead and did the official resignation,” he said.

That meant that – after the blindside by the school board members, who had secretly colluded with each other and some top school staff the day before – Logan didn’t have the District 3 school board seat nor did he have his teaching job.

Logan said he could have tried to get his teaching job back, but he’s no longer interested in working for this school system.

“I’m not going back to Guilford County Schools,” he said.

He said that, instead, he’s continuing the battle to get the seat on the school board that is rightfully his. “This is my fight,” Logan told the Rhino Times.