Democrats Want More Of Your Money

Dear Editor,

Liberal Democrat Guilford County commissioners want to dramatically increase your taxes by raising the sales tax, plus getting you to approve a $1.7 billion bond, plus raising property taxes by almost 30 percent.

The $1.7 billion is for schools.  However, they have not spent the $300 million that was approved two years ago.  Why do they need another $1.7 billion?  Answer: They don’t.

Attend county board meetings and demand they reduce real estate tax rates by 10 cents.  If you don’t, your taxes will go up, maybe by 30 percent.  Middle and low income families will be hurt the most.  If you rent a home or apartment, your rent will go up because the landlord will pass on that increase to you.

Think gas and food prices are high now?  Everything will cost more if the sales tax is increased.  This is just another way to hurt middle and low income people.

Save your family, money and future!  Say no to an increase in your sales tax!  Say no to a $1.7 billion bond!  Demand  a 10 cent dexrease  in the real estate tax rate!  Throw out every Democrat in every office. Elect Republicans.  They will protect  you, your family and your future.

Ken Orms