Concerning The New Media Table

Dear Editor,

I have just one question about this. What is the city manager and the City Council trying to hide?

Fran Harvell


Surrounded By Turkeys

Dear Editor,

The outrageous criminal count of aggravated assaults in Greensboro has reached 500 since Jan. 1, 2022. Now our mayor has determined to close down the Blind Tiger, a reputable night club in Greensboro for over 20 years due to two murders near the premises? One was at 5:30 a.m., long after the closing of this establishment, and I don’t believe it happened on their property?

Our Mayor Nancy Vaughan has no clue on how to get a grip on reducing crime in Greensboro. Her grandstanding efforts targeting the Blind Tiger as the culprit is just another example of complete ignorance.

It’s no surprise Greensboro Police Chief Brian James is retiring!  As often said, “It’s hard to soar with eagles when you are surrounded by turkeys.”

Jim Donaldson