People Deserve Equal, Not Special Treatment

Dear Editor,

As the old adage goes, the inmates are taking over the asylum.

BLM, now the trans portion of the LGBTQ (I don’t have enough space to put the rest on here) has decided to get in on the action.

First off, do they have rights? Yes, of course they do, just like every other American citizen. Do they have the right to force their thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and acceptance on every other American citizen? No, they don’t. They do not deserve any different treatment than anyone else. If an employer opts to not hire them, that is the privilege and right of the employer. If someone were to disrupt one of their rallies or gatherings that person should be arrested and charged, yet when they decide to act the fool, or worse, attack people for no other reason than they don’t agree with their lifestyle, they are mollycoddled and treated like they’re special and allowed to disrupt those gatherings. And the worst part is the authorities defend their own spineless lack of action by claiming you have the right to do so.


They get away with it because nobody in authority wants to show some backbone and hold them responsible for their actions. And don’t even try to use the old “you’re doing this because I’m ______ (fill in the blank)” No they’re doing it, or at least should be doing it, because you’re acting like an idiot and disrupting other people’s right to assemble and hold meetings. Guess what, you’re no more special than anybody else. And if you can come to an employer and show them that you can do the job far better than anyone else, they’d be an idiot for not hiring you just because you’re trans.

You want to show you care and want to be taken seriously? Try condemning those in your “movement” that act the fool, try to indoctrinate children, or worst of all go out and kill people, to include innocent children, which have done them no wrong. Until you start doing that and quit attacking those in your own community that condemn those kinds of action, you do not deserve to be taken seriously.

Accept the fact you will not be widely accepted by society. Those that do you harm for who you are deserve to be punished, but contrary to what you might think, you’re not special.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall



Something Fishy In North Carolina

Dear Editor,

I need to share with my fellow North Carolinians a concern.  Under HB 346 and SB 296, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) is attempting to “restructure” so it can set up a parent “nonprofit holding company.”

Because this parent company isn’t an insurance company, it won’t be regulated.  Any revenue above the three months of reserves that the underlying insurance company is required to have can then be funneled up to the unregulated parent company.  Those funds can be paid as bonuses to executives, invested out of state, or anything else the unregulated parent company wishes, all while the insurance company underneath it can charge us higher premiums.

With over $10 billion in annual revenues, 80 percent of North Carolina’s market share, and its current legal authority to invest 40 percent of its assets for profit, BCBSNC’s claim that restructuring is necessary to be “competitive” doesn’t make sense.

Yet BCBSNC is so confident in the bill’s success that the bill only includes 2½ pages of language to restructure an entire multibillion-dollar company.  Something’s fishy in North Carolina, and it isn’t the bass.

Kimberly Thornton Scholl



Republicans On School Board Excluded

Dear Editor,

For quite some time, especially since Alan Duncan stepped down as Guilford County school board chair, Republican members of the board have often been excluded from receiving information, documents, meeting agendas, etc. The meeting on April 4 was no exception, when all Democrats on the board and the board’s attorney were aware of the tyrannical move that was about to take place. Even if any had not known, to vote down Logan for the fifth time shows them all lacking in conscience and integrity.

And they are setting an example for our students? Shame on them, the administration and the “legal counsel.”
Susan Tysinger