Dear Carolyn,

I believe my wife is having an affair with the landscaper. She doesn’t work and is home all day. I suspect she is bringing this man into our home while I am at work and when this landscaper is supposed to work on our yard. I want to put some cameras up in my home where I live. My name is on the deed. Can I legally install video cameras to see what is going on?


Carolyn Answers,

Yes, putting up a video camera with absolutely zero surveillance sound in your home while you live there is legal. If you were separated and living elsewhere, the answer would be no, and you would move into illegal video voyeurism. Note that I said the cameras could not have audio because the laws on audio recording are vastly different. You cannot audio record conversations if you are not a party to the conversation; that violates federal wiretap laws. You can audio record conversations if you are in the room and part of the scene.

Home videos without sound are lawful and can be introduced into evidence with a proper foundation. Audio recordings can be submitted as evidence if you are a party to the conversation in North Carolina. Other states have different rules on all this recording of monkey business.


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