A Letter To The Editor sent in by reader Alan Burke

“Lawfare” Is Already Spreading

“Lawfare” has already been unleashed on common citizens.

Trump recently lost a criminal trial.  The chief witness admitted to embezzlement.  Even biased journalists questioned the “hush money case.”

Conservative pundits fear this will encourage similar abuse against common citizens. It already has.

In Colorado, Jack Phillips continues to be harassed for exercising constitutional/civil rights to disagree with a behavior.  The Supreme Court ruled in Jack Phillips’ favor.  Yet, Jack continues to be harassed with legal allegations for the exact same scenario.  The teacher’s union successfully demanded the DOJ investigate opposition parents for petitioning local school boards.  The teacher’s union boldly declared that parents had no right to disagree with teachers’ lessons.  School boards were created to give parents a vote in classroom lessons.

Across the US, colleges have promoted liberal ideology while harassing conservative disagreement.  Biased administrators have outright refused to allow conservative speakers.  Conservative groups have been barred from campuses and denied permits to demonstrate.  Some biased administrators have “allowed” conservative speakers, but only with exorbitant “security fees.”  Biased administrators blame public safety concerns.  They haven’t been concerned about violence committed by conservatives.  They are worried about violence from liberal opposition.  Basically, we are not allowed to disagree with liberals because of the violence caused by those liberals with whom we disagree.  There were no charges for trapping Riley Gains.  At the same time, racist liberal groups have been allowed to set up encampments without permits.  They blocked access to public areas/thoroughfares.  Jewish students/faculty were attacked.  Liberal groups continue to receive wide support despite committing violence and racism.  Liberal DA’s will likely pay arrested antisemitic protestors huge “out-of-court settlements” to encourage more protesting.  Biased administrators agree to violent liberal demands and refuse to allow the civil rights of conservatives.

In many areas, committing an assault is slapped on the wrist.  A father was arrested for acknowledging his daughter’s rape at a school board meeting.  Violent crime victims who call the police risk being punished.  The police do not arrest criminals.  As a result, the criminals relentlessly attack victims for reporting crime.  The victim risks being labeled racist.  Crime statistics are being hidden and manipulated to hide failed policies and promote stereotypes against citizens who disagree.  New York is one of the worst places for this trend.  Shop owners have been charged with assault for defending themselves.  The legal system has turned from punishing violent criminals into punishing disagreement.

Alan Burke