A Letter to the Editor by Rhino Reader Alam Marshall

Very early in the Vietnam War, American military forces consisted primarily of Special Forces (aka Green Berets) units whose primary mission, at that time, was to train, advise, and in some cases, lead local military units against the North Vietnamese invasion of the South. A more modern example of the SF mission is depicted in the movie 12 Strong; a movie based on a Special Forces “A” team that was deployed after 9/11 to assist the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan that formed to take on al-Qaeda.

An SF “A” team consists of 12 highly trained men in a wide variety of skills including light and heavy weapons, communications, medicine, engineering, as well as combat leadership. See primary mission defined above.

A news report states that around 400 individuals who reportedly are on the no entry list have made it into our country. One report says a number of individuals were assisted by the ISIS terrorist organization getting in. And of course the argument is there is no proof and even if it’s true, it’s only a small number of invaders. How much damage could they do? The Biden socialist collective will say move on, nothing to see here. It’s not like there could be the equivalent of terrorist “A” teams forming here.

Am I saying all these illegal aliens invading our nation are part of a paramilitary force out to overthrow our way of life? Don’t be ridiculous. Our leaders are already giving them everything they want for free, paid for by hard working, tax paying Americans. Why screw up a good thing.

It’s not like we have mobs of people that call themselves things like ANTIFA, or BLM, or Followers of the Squad creating chaos.

It’s not like we’re seeing mobs attacking people of the Jewish faith simply for being Jewish (can you say NAZI Party reborn? I knew you could).

I can already hear Chris shrieking about how I’m a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. No problem Chris. I’ll put up 20 years of experience and training and study of military history against yours.

This is an important election year. Doddering Uncle Joe needs to go as well as, on a local level, the (NS)DP candidate Josh Stein. Vote Donald Trump and Mark Robinson.

Carpe Diem

Alan Marshall