Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

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Eliminating Required Minimum Parking Makes Housing More Affordable

Raleigh, like Greensboro, is facing a serious housing shortage. The Raleigh City Council, unlike the Greensboro City Council, has taken several actions to increase housing opportunities at no cost to the taxpayers. One of those actions is to eliminate minimum parking requirements for new development.  In Greensboro, there are minimum parking requirements for just about everything imaginable.  Each detached dwelling unit (house) no matter how small is required to have two parking spaces.

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Raleigh Moving To Solve Housing Shortage At No Cost

One action recently taken by the Raleigh City Council is designed to provide more housing at no additional cost to the city. Raleigh’s zoning regulations not only encourage granny flats, but Raleigh has gone so far as to provide homeowners with free designs for building affordable accessory dwelling units.

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