Dear Carolyn:

My ex hid assets during our marriage and, boy, do I not trust him. I am trying to find them. In looking at our bank statement from the last year of the marriage, I see about $5,000 a month disappear or other mysterious expenses. What can I do to find these assets? I feel defrauded. Why did I ever trust him?


Carolyn Answers:

Broken trust is hard to heal, but you can mount a legal claim to find the assets or at least hold him accountable in the property division for the missing assets. I believe most judges would make him totally explain what he did with the money, and then absent a believable explanation hold him accountable for the missing money.

You need an attorney who is skilled in finding hidden assets. The process begins with an extensive discovery process and an understanding of the whole marital asset portfolio. Also, there are forensic accountants and private investigators that specialize in the area of finding hidden assets. For example, legally analyzing your ex’s computer and cell phone might give clues. Or, maybe he has hidden the money in cash, hopefully, in a safe or lockbox you find. With the proper process, I believe you can get the judge to hold your ex accountable and responsible for all the missing money.



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