The JDRF One Walk to raise money for a world without Type 1 diabetes is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 8 beginning at NewBridge Bank Park. Registration for the walk begins at 8 a.m. and the walk begins at 9. You get to choose between a short route and, if you’re in the mood for more exercise, the long route.


I kept hearing about probiotics and I didn’t know what they were except I figured they were amateur biotics who had gone professional. So I decided to read something about them.

My understanding is that they help you digest your food better, which is all well and good. But the more I think about it the more I think what I’d prefer is something that would digest food worse. If I digested food worse then I could eat more without getting fatter.

I’ve looked around and haven’t found any anti-biotics or whatever it would be, but I think someone could make a fortune on a pill that allowed you to eat as much as you wanted without getting fat.


Congratulations to newly appointed Assistant City Manager Barbara Harris, who had been an interim assistant city manager since March and now gets to cross the interim off her business cards. Harris has worked for the City of Greensboro since 2005, and before being named assistant city manager had been the director of neighborhood development.


Like a lot of other folks right now, I’m obsessed with Matthew, and I don’t mean the Gospel of, I mean Hurricane Matthew. I can’t stop myself from checking every hour to see if it has turned and which way they are predicting it will go.

One prediction, by someone who must have really gotten burned on a Florida land deal, is that it will go up the coast of Florida, make a big U-turn out in the Atlantic and then come back and hit Florida again.

On Wednesday evening, it was still a huge hurricane. And if it even hits Florida only once, it is going to cause untold damage.


Some folks who live near the land on Lake Brandt Road across the street from Jesse Wharton Elementary School that is up for rezoning are very much opposed to the proposed commercial development. They have hired an attorney to oppose the rezoning at the Oct. 18 City Council meeting.

Here is some good advice: Forget the lawyer and put your money into hiring Rev. Nelson Johnson.

The City Council is terrified of Johnson and the students that he brings to City Council meetings. For a good donation to the Beloved Community Center you could probably get Johnson’s support, and if he even threatened to show up with his ever-changing band of student followers to a meeting, the City Council would do whatever it took to make Johnson and his troops go away.

Recently, the city staff delayed the promotion of some very deserving police officers because there was a threat of a protest. Having Johnson oppose the rezoning would kill it, and it might even turn out to be cheaper than hiring an attorney.


I have become a big fan of East Carolina University because the school has put its foot down on protests during the national anthem by members of the marching band. More schools need to follow suit.

It is not a right of a student in the band or on the football team to protest. In order to participate in either activity a student has to follow certain rules. Band members and football players, for instance, don’t get to choose what they wear to games. If they want to participate in the activity they have to wear the uniforms provided. Football players have all kinds of rules about behavior on and off the field.

There is nothing wrong with adding one more rule that they behave appropriately during the national anthem. If they want to protest then they can go up in the stands, wear whatever they want to the game, behave however they desire and protest to their hearts’ content, but the school should in no way sponsor their protest by putting them in a school uniform and providing them with a venue, whether it be on the sidelines or on the field.

The viewership of the National Football League is down following the protests by players, and that will get the NFL’s attention. The NFL, after all, is a business, and the goal of that business is to make money. If the protests cut into the profits made by the NFL, then the protests will be halted. And when money is involved, the NFL won’t give a hoot about anybody’s rights.


At the last Greensboro City Council meeting a UNCG student spoke in favor of the $126 million bond referendum. Perhaps this is just audacity on the part of bond supporters. Of course students are going to vote for the bonds; they don’t have to worry about their property tax rate going up.   Greensboro already has the highest property tax rate in the state for any comparable city. They also don’t have to worry about the city attracting new industry when the taxes here are higher than Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville, Durham, Burlington, Wilmington or just about any other city you can name.

One of the reasons the bonds are on the ballot this November is because the City Council figures that the student turnout will be high and that they’ll get about 100 percent of the students’ votes for the bonds. Of course, the bigger reason is that the City Council is drooling over having another $126 million to spend on pet projects.