Who Needs to Change?

Dear Editor,

A drugged-up convicted felon wielding a gun gets shot and killed in Charlotte and thousands riot in support of him. Rioters looted, burned and took over the streets of Charlotte, bringing out their small children to learn civil disobedience.

Within 24 hours it had been proven that no book was found, but a handgun with his fingerprints, blood and DNA on it had been recovered. The police had done their duty to protect the black community from ongoing violence. They then ignored the facts and were agitated by black leaders into committing crimes and destroying their own community in order to burn and steal.

All we hear is what we need to do to change police procedure to regain the trust of a group of people that seize any opportunity to break the law.

Jed Norris

Phony Claims

Dear Editor,

Michael Northuis believes that Bill Clinton ended his term with a surplus. Our national debt has risen every year since the late 1950s. Northuis should explain how there can be a surplus while the debt is going up.

Clinton’s phony surplus is just another one of the many lies that liberals tell about their dear leaders.

The rest of Northuis’ letter to the editor was just as wrong as the surplus claim. The Clinton’s are masters of the politics of personal destruction and the liberal media is in full attack mode against Trump. The Clintons lie. The press lies. Gullible people believe them.

Mike Hughes



Abuse of Hospitality

Dear Editor,

The day after the first Trump-Clinton debate, CBS Evening News broadcast their take on the US public’s reaction. Actually, the first person they interviewed was an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Really.

He had no shame, and was bold enough to boast that even though he could not vote, he was actively agitating every day in LA for Hillary. He must have a lot of time on his hands. Perhaps he does not work. Regardless, what business does he have involving himself in the election of a US president?  How would Mexico react if illegal American immigrants began inserting themselves in to the Mexican election for president?

Let me put it more brusquely: You have a lot of nerve, buddy, breaking into our country, almost certainly abusing our hospitality by using our healthcare system without paying for it, and thinking that you have the right to try to influence our internal political affairs.

Maybe you pay your taxes, but let’s be honest, probably not. We know you’re a lawbreaker, even CBS admitted that.

Why do people like him come to America when their beliefs are so antithetical to American ideals? If you believe – like Hillary – that the government should provide a chicken in every pot, for free, then go back to those socialist countries that promise you that. Venezuela is full of such bountiful promises.

Why come to the bastion of capitalism?

Austin Morris



Policing the Numbers

Dear Editor,

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is going to start keeping track of the number of civilians shot by police officers. This should have been done decades ago. I guess the FBI was too busy spying on Martin Luther King Jr., the ACLU and other “radical actors.”

There are some other numbers that the FBI should keep track of. I would like to know how many dogs have been shot by police officers, how many people have been bitten by police dogs, how many people have been killed because of police chases, how much money has been paid out in lawsuits involving police officers, etc. I wonder how many years will go by before the FBI starts collecting those numbers.

Chuck Mann



Vote Republican, Stop Voter Fraud

Dear Editor,

A federal court recently declared North Carolina’s voter ID law unconstitutional. That makes no sense logically.

One cannot use a bank, borrow from the library or do any business with a federal agency without a photo ID. The law included free IDs for those who didn’t have one. Therefore, we must conclude the court opinion was based on a desire to keep voter fraud alive and well in North Carolina as well as the other states that required such IDs.

North Carolina did not pass the law without reason. North Carolina did a study of voters in the 2012 election. They compared names and birthdates of voters with 27 other states. The comparison showed nearly 36,000 cases where people with the same first and last names as well as birthdays voted in North Carolina as well as another state. (This finding supports the persistent rumors of busloads of Virginians coming to North Carolina to register and vote on the same day with our fraud-prone system.)

Politicians claim that 36,00 votes are minor in the millions of votes cast. However, most races are close and 36,000 becomes important when we consider that Obama carried North Carolina by fewer than 15,000 votes in 2008.

In America today, we citizens have little or no effect on the dictatorial actions of federal courts. But we can express our dissatisfaction with a ruling that so obviously cheats legal voters by voting against the party that chose these leftist judges.

An overwhelming defeat of Democratic candidates will send a clear message that we want honest elections and honest government. We can put the Democrats back in office with the next election, but both parties will be more responsive to the needs of us citizens. And, frankly, responsiveness to citizens’ needs seems to have been scarce for many years.

Vote Republican, vote Libertarian, vote for anybody but a Democrat. Let all the politicians know our votes are not so easily bought by slick TV ads or mindless signs along the road.



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