Three weeks out from the election and the Hillary Clinton team is already declaring victory because their friends in the media, which largely control the polls, say that Hillary Clinton is winning big.

Of course, not all the polls say that Hillary Clinton is winning. The latest Rasmussen poll showed Hillary Clinton up 43 percent to 42 percent over Trump; that is well within the margin of error. And the Los Angeles Times poll shows Trump up by 2 percent, while The Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows Hillary Clinton up by 10 percent. But in the end, the only poll that counts is taken on Nov. 8.

Polls have become woefully inaccurate. Polls are suffering from the same malady as the rest of us: Technology is moving too fast for polls. When everyone had a landline in their home and answered the phone to see who was calling it was far easier to poll people. Remember telephone books, where you could look up any name and there was the phone number and address? A few people had unlisted numbers, now just about everyone has an unlisted cell phone number.

Most of the pollsters completely missed the Republican surge in the 2014 election. In Great Britain the pollsters missed the Brexit vote entirely. The only people who were predicting a win were the leaders of the Brexit movement.

Populist movements are winning all over the place, and although it seems odd to have a billionaire developer as a populist, that’s what Trump is.

There could not be a more establishment candidate than Hillary Clinton. Her claim to fame is that she has been in power for 30 years, accomplished nothing and, if elected, she will continue to do as little as possible.

To be fair, Hillary Clinton’s claim to fame as secretary of state was not treaties negotiated or trade deals signed, but that she traveled more miles and visited more different countries than any previous secretary of state. When you consider that includes a good number of secretaries of state who traveled by horseback and sailing ship, even that isn’t all that impressive.

But maybe that will be her goal as president, to travel more miles and to more countries than any previous president. From her years in the Senate we know that she has no interest in governing. If she is traveling, she doesn’t have to worry about her husband, Bill, who will be a huge problem for her if she gets elected. Of course, she might want to leave strict orders that Bill Clinton is not to entertain in the White House while she is out of town, or she’ll come back to a huge naked pool party.


People have been arguing for decades that we need term limits for elected office to do away with the professional ruling class. People get elected to office and use their power to stay in office where, on relatively mediocre salaries, they become rich.

The main goal of many elected officials seems to be not to serve the people but to get rich. The idea is that with term limits, elected office would go back to being a public service and eliminate career politicians.

Term limits will never pass because the people who oppose them the most, the professional ruling class, are the ones who would have to vote to invoke them. It’s a little like allowing those convicted of a crime to determine their sentences. It would be a good way to empty our prisons, since very few people would do time.

Trump is the country’s best chance to do something about the professional ruling class and there is no better example of the professional ruling class than Hillary Clinton. She was the first lady of Arkansas and the first lady of the United States when her husband was president. The fact that her husband is the only elected president in US history to be impeached has always been ignored by the mainstream media.

Trump is where he is today, as the Republican nominee, because he has never held elected office. He has never run for anything and never shown much interest in ever running. Even if he is only worth a couple of billion dollars, as his detractors say, he already has more than he can spend during the rest of his life.

If Trump gets elected, he will shake up the federal government like no one in history. A lot of people, a large plurality of Republicans and a percentage of Democrats, think that is what this country needs.

Trump is not beholden to big money, other politicians, foreign heads of state or anyone else. When he gets in office it is not time for him to start paying back the huge corporations that supported him, it will be time for him to decide what he is going to do for four years.


It’s not a surprise that the mainstream media are in the tank for Hillary Clinton, but I have to admit that I am surprised how far in the tank they are.

In the past the mainstream media have supported the Democratic candidate, but they have at least tried to put on the appearance of being unbiased.

In this campaign the mask has come off, thanks to WikiLeaks, and we know that the media is working hand in glove with the Clinton campaign. The New York Times, thought to be a paragon of journalistic ethics, gives the Clinton campaign veto power over quotes. Politico allows the campaign to read an article before it is published.

Ever wonder how real those Clinton town hall forums are? Now we know. Donna Brazile, who is supposed to be working for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and CNN, fed Hillary Clinton the exact question to be asked at a town hall meeting. So, first of all, Brazile violated the ethics of being in the DNC, and, second, she violated journalistic ethics. But CNN probably wanted Hillary Clinton to have the questions.

With The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Boston Globe all openly supporting Hillary Clinton by pumping detrimental stories about Trump and ignoring huge stories about Hillary Clinton, it is no wonder that according to their own polls Hillary Clinton is ahead. But it does signal that it is high time to leave the mainstream media behind.

You might as well read the National Enquirer. It’s a lot more fun, and because the mainstream media refuses to write negative stories about Democrats, it leaves the National Enquirer to break big stories, like John Edwards having an affair while his wife was dying of cancer. All the reporters covering the Edwards campaign knew about the affair, they just didn’t report it because Edwards is a Democrat.

All the reporters covering Hillary Clinton know that there is something seriously wrong with her health. Some may have seen her collapse, like she did at the 9/11 memorial service, but they aren’t going to report it.

Look at Hillary Clinton, she is in the final three weeks of the presidential campaign, her surrogates are campaigning like wild and she isn’t making public appearances. She doesn’t have any scheduled for this week after the debate.

Before the debates she takes a week off to prep. After the final debate she takes a week off for what, debate recovery?

According to emails released by WikiLeaks, Hillary Clinton’s constant companion Huma Abedin sent an email asking that the statement Hillary Clinton made to the press after the Benghazi hearings be shortened to less than two minutes because Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have a podium to lean on when reading the statement.

You can’t tell me that the reporters can follow someone around all the time who can’t stand on her own for two minutes and not know that there is something wrong with her health.

Before she is elected president, the reporters covering the campaign have a responsibility to tell the American people exactly what they have seen. It is a disservice to the American people for the mainstream media not to report on Hillary Clinton’s health.

They report on unsubstantiated claims about Trump from events that supposedly happened 20 years ago but they don’t report on what is currently happening with Hillary Clinton.

Anyone who watches the video of Hillary Clinton collapsing and being dragged to her van can see that she has serious health issues. But that video wasn’t shot by the mainstream media. Who knows how many similar videos the mainstream media have that they haven’t released.


Take a look at these so-called sexual assaults by Trump. Whatever you think about them, compare the media coverage to the media coverage of Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Corbin Jones and Kathleen Willey.

Broaddrick has been telling the same story for over 20 years about how she was raped by Bill Clinton. The story holds as well as a rape story can. Nobody else was there, and like many women she didn’t call the police after she was raped, but it is a little different to be raped by the governor.

Paula Corbin Jones, who the media has always claimed was just looking for a payout, finally got one. Her story also makes far more sense than the one that Bill Clinton tells, and we know that Bill and Hillary Clinton lie about his affairs. They lied about Gennifer Flowers and they lied about Monica Lewinsky.

Bill Clinton lied about Gennifer Flowers at the same time he was apologizing for things he said to her on the phone that she recorded. The press evidently believed that Bill Clinton was calling this part-time cabaret singer for political advice, or perhaps to exchange recipes.

So the Trump accusers without question are telling the truth according to the mainstream media and the Clinton accusers are liars, even the ones who we now know were telling the truth all along: Flowers, Lewinsky and Jones.

Wow, we really have gone down the rabbit hole.

Here is the huge problem. Who can we believe? I know I can’t believe the mainstream media, but who is putting out reliable, accurate national news. It’s a tough decision to make. There are all these other sources making claims, but are they reliable? It’s difficult to know because we know what we have always considered reliable isn’t.

It’s like a kid finding out that Santa Claus isn’t real and wonders what else the adults have been saying that is just make believe.


I don’t know where men who claim they have never heard anything like the conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush have spent their lives, but it is a far different place than me.

I’ve heard conversations of a similar bent countless times. Some men brag about their success with women like some men brag about fishing. It may be disappointing, but it’s true.

And just like fishing stories, where the fish gets bigger and bigger with each telling, the sexual exploit stories tend to grow to the point of being unbelievable. I haven’t seen any credible evidence that Trump ever did what he was bragging to Billy Bush about. Trump is an extremely wealthy man. If he were going around sexually assaulting women, it would be shocking if some woman didn’t sue him, and he would deserve it. He would deserve that sexual assault charges be filed against him, and he would certainly deserve being forced to write a big check to make the allegation go away.


Up until the investigation of the Hillary Clinton private email server and the likely hack of her server providing highly classified information to our enemies and friends who have active cyber warfare operations, I had a lot of admiration for FBI Director James Comey.

It appeared that he tried to do the right thing regardless of the consequences. With the Hillary Clinton email investigation, Comey proved that he is simply another lifelong bureaucrat who, when his job is threatened, will do anything he’s asked to do not to be fired or forced to resign.

It takes a certain personality type to want to be a career bureaucrat. They have to be willing to give up freedom, put up with stupid decisions and endless red tape in return for a job that is safe as long as they do what they are told, and they are rewarded with far better retirement benefits than anything available in the private sector. You usually don’t get rich being a bureaucrat, but you never have to worry about being poor or eating dog food in your old age. It is a tradeoff that career bureaucrats are willing to make.

Comey outlined the investigation of Hillary Clinton. The law regarding the handling of classified information does not require intent, gross negligence is enough, and he said she was extremely careless. But when Comey said no laws were broken by Hillary Clinton he said it was based on the lack of intent, when intent is not part of the law.

A recent case of a low-level seaman in the Navy is a great example of how the laws regarding classified information are usually enforced.

The sailor used his cell phone to take photos in a portion of a nuclear submarine that was classified. He then lost his cell phone and it was discovered that he had taken these illegal photos with his phone. There was no indication that he had any intent to share these photos with anyone.

He made a couple of really dumb mistakes. The first one was in taking the photos, the second was not deleting them when he had time to think about what he had done, and the final one was losing his cell phone with the photos still on there. It was a mistake, much like Hillary Clinton finally said that using a private server for her State Department business was a mistake. But the sailor is not Hillary Clinton, so he didn’t get special dispensation from the federal government. Instead he was sent to prison for a year, will face three years probation when he gets out, and will forever have the conviction on his record.

Why wasn’t the secretary of state, a former US senator who as she said was abundantly familiar with the laws governing classified documents, held to at least the same standard as a sailor?

The reason is that this sailor didn’t have a spouse who held a private meeting with the attorney general shortly before the investigation of his illegal activity was completed.

Anyone who thinks that Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton talked about their grandchildren and golf during their extremely private meeting is in la la land. The Clintons have a long history of intimidation. Bill Clinton had no reason to meet with Lynch other than to discuss the investigation of his wife. The two are not friends. They don’t get together to have coffee and talk about their families on a regular basis.

Bill Clinton talked to Lynch. Then Lynch talked to Comey, and then Comey made his announcement that Hillary Clinton would not be indicted.

It is a good indication of how the country will be run if Hillary Clinton is elected president. The elite will do whatever they want with no consequences and the little people, which is all the rest of us, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


When a Hillary Clinton supporter gets punched at a Trump rally, it is front page news all over the country, but when a Trump supporter is beaten at a Hillary Clinton rally, it isn’t even considered worth reporting by the mainstream media.

This is easy to understand. According to the mainstream media, the Hillary Clinton supporter is doing the right thing in disrupting a Trump rally and no one should interfere with someone representing the correct point of view, while the Trump supporter at the Hillary Clinton rally is deplorable and deserves whatever he gets.

So it’s not news for the Hillary Clinton supporters to try and physically knock some sense into the Trump supporter, and he deserves whatever he gets because he was attempting to disrupt their ability to hear their leader.

Now, thanks to WikiLeaks, we know that the people disrupting Trump rallies were not just folks upset with Trump, but were Democratic operatives paid to disrupt the rallies and cause as much trouble as possible.

Imagine the news coverage if it was discovered that Trump was paying people to disrupt Hillary Clinton rallies. It would get end of the world headlines in all the major newspapers.


The LA Times is conducting a different type of poll where voters rate the chance that they will vote for one candidate or the other on a scale of 0 to 100. According to this poll it’s a dead heat with Hillary Clinton up by less than 1 percent.

However, what is fascinating is that 57 percent of those polled think Hillary Clinton will win and 38 percent think Trump will win. Hillary Clinton wins the “who will win” question across all demographics.

It shows the power of the press. The mainstream media are so supportive of Hillary Clinton that they have convinced voters that Hillary Clinton is going to win, even though the poll’s numbers show it is a dead heat.

Despite keeping up with a number of daily polls, I don’t know what is going on in other states, but I don’t see Hillary Clinton winning North Carolina. This is the state that elected Jesse Helms as senator five times. Obama did win North Carolina by a few thousand votes in 2008, but there was a significant increase in black voter turnout. In 2012, the increase of black voters was less and Mitt Romney narrowly carried the state.

It’s hard to believe that black voters are going to be as dedicated to electing the first woman president as they were to electing the first black president.

We’ll know more after early voting starts next week, but it seems unlikely. It makes me question the polls in other consistently Republican states like Texas.


Nigeria comes in 11th in the world in known oil reserves, right behind the US at 10th.

Because of its oil resources, Nigeria is the considered by some estimates to be richest county in Africa. Nigeria also has a large population that is starving.

In the portion of the country that was once entirely controlled by the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram, entire towns and villages have no food. International relief organizations have huge difficulties bringing in food because Boko Haram still controls large portions of the countryside, making transporting food by truck a hazardous or in some cases impossible venture.

People, particularly children, are dying of starvation daily. Women with infants don’t have enough nutrition to produce milk so there is no way to feed infants and many don’t survive long.

It is a crisis of epic proportions and most people don’t know anything about it.

Nigeria has an enormous amount of wealth, but it can’t feed its own population. Much of the problem is caused by rampant corruption, but in this case it is Islamic extremists who are killing thousands outright and causing even more deaths by starvation. It isn’t politically correct to publicize it because it is considered wrong to say that an Islamic group is killing people.


Nobody has ever accused the Clintons of not playing hardball, and when you have the US government at your beck and call, hardball can get pretty serious.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says that Secretary of State John Kerry asked the Ecuadoran government to cut off Assange’s internet access, and it did.

Of course, you could believe that it is just a coincidence that Assange’s internet access was cut off when he was releasing damaging evidence about the Hillary Clinton campaign.

If you believe that you probably believe that Hillary Clinton used a private email server because she only wanted to use one device, despite the fact that she used as many as 13 while she was secretary of state. You probably believe that there was no classified information found on the private email server in her basement. You probably also believe that her attorneys read every email and turned over anything that might be considered State Department business to the State Department. And you most likely believe that none of the emails was marked classified. The FBI would disagree with you on all of those, but Hillary Clinton has at various times made all of those claims.

She also said that the FBI said that what she told the American public about her email server was true, and even Hillary Clinton had to walk that statement back.

You probably also believe that it is just a coincidence that the State Department tried to make a deal with the FBI for more overseas postings in exchange for lowering the classification level of some emails. The FBI didn’t do it, and according to the Hillary Clinton campaign, the fact that the offer was made is just a coincidence.