Led by the same organization that created the Women’s March on Washington, this time the group is urging women to refrain from any kind of labor or spending to show the value of women on March 8, 2017.

– “A Day Without a Woman: What you need to know.”  March 6. USA Today Network.


The plan, Barnett told that person, was to set off the bombs in Target stores in Florida, Virginia, and New York, sending the company’s stock value down. Barnett would then buy Target stock cheaply, and sit and wait as the stock rebounded, which he referred to as “easy money,” according to the criminal complaint.

 – Fox2now.com




Hey listen, don’t believe all this stuff about HB2 hurting our economy.

You know, all the news outlets have been reporting extensively this month that the Greensboro Coliseum lost the NCAA regionals this year because of the NCAA boycott of North Carolina.

That’s the part of the news that the liberal media establishment is happy to tell you. However, here’s the part they didn’t tell you: Just as quickly as the NCAA pulled out of the tournament, the Coliseum found a replacement event – so the Coliseum in fact did not go unused on those days. The absence of NCAA games opened the Coliseum up for another event: the North Carolina Rabbit Breeders Association Rabbit Show.

Listen, who needs basketball. Rabbits are much better, not to mention good luck from all those rabbit feet in once place.   If you’ve ever watched rabbits, you know they don’t care one bit where they go to the bathroom (or copulate for that matter), and the rabbits certainly were happy to come to the Coliseum that week after the NCAA pulled out. So we didn’t really lose out on anything: A half-dozen of one, six of the other.


Survivor on CBS is heating up and local favorite Jeff Varner is on the show once again. And, also once again, he showed up on Survivor wearing a tie.

I don’t know why he keeps doing that. It drives me crazy. If there’s one place where causal dress is clearly accepted, it is in the ocean-side jungle in the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji.

But Varner, a Greensboro native, keeps wearing a tie every time he’s on Survivor. I heard he once played a local pickup football game at Bryan Park in a tuxedo. And I’m not talking one of the modern, informal tuxedos. I mean he had on a very formal one with a top hat, tails – the whole nine yards. Not to mention a white-tipped cane and pocket flourish.


Right now, everyone is trying to figure out who’s going to run for mayor of Greensboro and there’s a lot of talk going around about who might do so. Now I might be able to add another prominent name to the list. In an interesting move timing-wise, Chairman of the Guilford County Commissioners Jeff Phillips has suspiciously moved to within the city limits of Greensboro just in time for the filing period in July.

Phillips’ new home is still in the county commissioners District 5, but now, unlike before, he’s eligible to run for Greensboro mayor. Also, the position of chairman of the Board of Commissioners is sometimes referred to as the “mayor of the county,” so that may be another clue as well.

Phillips hasn’t officially indicated that he is running for mayor (or unofficially for that matter), but there’s no question that he has now moved inside the city limits.


I keep seeing all these ads for “Wife Solutions Inc.” on signs posted around town and on Facebook, and I see the service advertised in other places as well. Listen, I think that if you are going to have a business that kills people’s wives for them, you shouldn’t advertise it publicly like that. I would just kind of spread the word quietly if I were you.


Sometimes I think I have a very interesting job, but sometimes I think the most interesting job in the world belongs to Guilford County Security Director Jeff Fowler. That’s because his county department oversees security at the county’s two courthouses and, trust me, there’s always something very interesting going on there.

For instance, even though the courthouse banned cell phones three years ago – and there are 10,000 signs to that effect leading into the courthouse, and often verbal warnings from security guards to boot – people still try to go through the metal detectors with three, four or even five phones. (Fowler told me that’s the record so far.)   And the security guards are always like: Buddy, what in the world are you thinking??

Usually, the answer to that question is this: Not much. That is, a lot of people going into that facility aren’t thinking much at all, which is often why they have to go into the building in the first place.

There are a great number of dumb criminals that pass through the courthouse, but one recent case that occurred is right up there with the dumbest of all time.

The guy was on trial and was found guilty of whatever he was charged with; I’m not sure what. Anyway, when they find you guilty and you get some jail time, they take you straight from the court to the jail and you start serving your time. In this case, the guy had left his cell phone out in one of the coin-operated lockboxes at the entrance of the courthouse and, as they were leaving, he gave the guard taking him to jail the key to retrieve his phone first. The officer did pull the phone out of the lock box – along with a bag of marijuana. So the guy got a possession of marijuana charge tacked on to his other charges.

People, how many times do I have to tell you: Don’t take your weed to court. It is a very bad idea and nothing good can ever come from it.


Speaking of dumb criminals, last month gave the whole nation a glimpse of a very perfect example. It is one of my favorites: the guy who was going to bomb Target and make money in the stock market. He was going to set off bombs in a number of Target stores, watch the stock drop, buy the stock and wait for it to go back up.

I mean, this is just about the dumbest plan I’ve ever heard. He goes to all that trouble and doesn’t even give himself any advantage over every other investor in the world. Really, if you want to do this plan (note: you should not do it), then you should learn about short selling and do that instead.

Anyway, here’s what I really want to know: How in the world did he choose Target as the store to hit? I have no idea what could have put it into his head to use Target as the place selected as the aim of an attack.


Earlier this month, America had the Day Without Women protest where women all across the country displayed unity and held a nationwide strike to show the importance and worth of woman in the American work force.

I hate to say this, but I really didn’t notice any difference.


In the Headline I Never Thought We Would See Department, here’s my favorite one so far this year. It’s from the March 15 USA Today: “Richard Simmons says that he is not being held hostage in his own home by witchcraft.”

It is still only March, but I think you might see that one again at the end of the year when it comes time to pass out the Yostie Award for the best newspaper headline. My favorite thing about it is that it only says he isn’t being held hostage in his home “by witchcraft,” but if you notice it doesn’t rule out his being held hostage by other evil forces. Good luck, Richard! We are all pulling for you.


Listen, I think that no matter what our political leanings, we all kind of do a double-take at some of the claims made by Donald Trump. But I think his claim this week that, “I invented sex – you totally have me and me alone to thank for that,” Is a little far-fetched, even for the most diehard Republicans.


Speaking of our president, there was quite a kerfuffle among internet nerds this week when a photo revealed that Trump was tweeting from a 2015 Galaxy S3 phone, a phone that hasn’t had an operating system update in over a year, which meant the phone’s security was woefully out of date.

There was a lot of worry that a hacker could relatively easily crack the phone remotely, get Trump’s Twitter password and take control of his Twitter account. Then the hacker tweet out one crazy thing after another to 9 million people in the president’s name.

A lot of people made a big deal of this, but it hit me that, if someone did hack his phone and tweeted out all sorts of crazy things, how would you even know? Because, you know, it’s Donald Trump tweets. Those crazy hacker tweets would probably be less whacky than the ones the president already puts out.

Trump’s family, friends and advisors would probably be relieved and not make any effort to get control of the Twitter account back. It would be like the man whose wife had her credit card stolen but he didn’t report it because the thief was charging less each month than his wife did.