Sometimes government is serious and deals with important topics, but sometimes it’s just funny and this flyer falls into the just funny category.

The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) usually tries to at least make an effort to appear to be nonpartisan, but even for a partisan group the flyer with the NCAE logo on it sent out earlier in the week was a little over the top.

The flyer was in opposition to whatever President Pro Tem of the Senate Phil Berger announced on April 1. The problem was that they folks writing the flyer didn’t know what Berger would announce, they just knew that because Berger was announcing it they were opposed.

So the flyer with the NCAE logo on it reads, “Remember: Whatever Phil Berger announces April 1 is either 1) designed to scare educators and deter us from going to May 1st, or

2) promises to increase teacher pay designed to buy people off and deter educators from going to May 1st.

Let’s just go ahead and plan to ignore his antics and stay the course.”

Wow, so the NCAE doesn’t even want to give Berger a chance to speak, but is opposed to whatever he says before he says it.

And the NCAE was against whatever Berger had to say even if what he had to say was that teachers deserved a pay increase.  It does make you wonder how much of a pay increase they would be opposed to and would they oppose a pay increase because the increase was too high or too low.

This is one of those flyers that raises more questions than it answers, but it does leave no doubt that whatever it is that Berger is for, the people using the NCAE logo are against.