Hi, Beep. I see that Democrats have made the House Democratic again. If these people don’t want this country to be great again, just let them keep on sticking them left wing people in office and see how far this country goes. They don’t want to help them anybody. Thank you.


Hello. I’m calling in about the wall and Nancy Pelosi and the incompetence of our government. First and foremost we need to go ahead and give Trump the money for the wall. We need that wall. We have too many illegals coming across here and our American people are getting killed. I think it’s time that we gave the money up for the wall.  Obama gave thousands and millions of dollars to the Iranians and now we need to give Trump the money for the wall. Nancy Pelosi does not deserve to be the speaker at all.  She’s too old and she’s incompetent.

Now to get to the government, we have a bunch of old people up there that are incompetent and just like here in Greensboro, we have incompetent people running the city council, the management of Greensboro and the government. You have Cooper who doesn’t come out unless there’s an emergency, Nancy Vaughn, all she wants to do is raise taxes and you have Sharon Hightower all she is trying to do is run the police department. If she wants to be a policeman she needs to do the training. She doesn’t need to run the police department. There are capable people running the police department. She needs to keep her big mouth out of the police department. The police can handle the police department. If she needs to do something she needs to help the sheriff’s department because that’s where the need is. The sheriff’s department has 47 vacancies over there.

I think that what’s going on here in North Carolina with these Confederate statues is a shame. They need to leave our statues alone. Our statues have been there for years and years and years and all these young people that are coming up thinking that it’s racist is ridiculous. These statues have been there long before you were even born and they’ll be there after you are gone. So leave the statues and stuff alone. These darn councilmembers and these government people need to stand up for the rights of these statues and I’m telling you that Silent Sam needs to be put back up there on that college campus. And if not, they we need to pull the funding for that school.  I’m saying this to UNC Chapel Hill, if you do not put silent Sam back up there, then we need to remove the funding that you get.  The taxpayers do not need to send a dime to you and that goes for all the campuses.  Y’all need to listen to the American people who are sending the money up there.


Yeah, you know, I’m not much in the Confederate stuff, but it’s not exactly right for the City of Winston-Salem to go onto private property and tell the individuals that they have to take down a private memorial. That makes no sense to me.  That’s like them coming into my driveway and saying, Hey you guys have a Confederate flag painted on top of your car so you have to get rid of it.

You know, this makes no sense.  You know, this is very getting stupid.  I don’t know if it has to do with race or what or just a bunch of people mad about the past and decided that they want to hide it from the upcoming generation so they can redo it again or what it is.  It’s getting stupid when someone goes on to a private piece of land and tells the owner that owns something that has nothing to do with a government office or anything and tells them they have to remove something off of their own land and off their own premises.

What’s going to happen next? Think about this?

I guess the city of Winston is going to go around and tell you that you can’t fly a Confederate flag on your flag pole in your front yard, or they’re going to tell you that you can’t have a Confederate flag on your car on the license tag front vanity plate. Who knows what this is going to go? This is getting stupid and it works both ways, if we can ban Confederate statues, well, you know there is already is a petition getting up to ban the Martin Luther King statue in Washington DC because he was not a politician, he was not a Congressman and hew was not a president and he was not a Senator. So they want to get that statue removed. If we’re not careful it’s going to get to the point where every statue in the United States, no matter if it’s American confederate, African American or whatever is going to end up getting banned and torn down. The same people that are using these rules to remove these statues can be also used on other statutes besides the Confederate. They better think about what they’re doing.


You know the 9th District Congress seat that they have not filled yet, I would love to see them let people re-file including the current ones and hold a special election for the 9th District with new candidates being able to file.  They were talking about electing some people to the seat, appointing some people just fill it; I don’t think they should do that. I think there should be a new election since what happened, happened.

I think it should be a totally new election and the previous candidates, the two of them were running should be automatically put in the mix. I think they should have it open for other candidates that would like to run also and just put them all in it like they do for the soil and water race in Winston-Salem. Don’t have a primary just list every single one of them and let’s see who wins. I think that’s exactly what they need to do just for the 9th District.

If anybody wants to put down the money to run, I think their name should be put on the ballot, I think in the 9thDistrict should be a special election to pick someone to go to Washington DC and I think it should be open for other people that would like to run for that position. That way you got more of a chance and I don’t think they should have a primary. I think they should list all the names of everyone that wants to run and whoever the top candidate is, is the one that wins the seat. I think that’s exactly what should be doing and a lot of other people agree with me.


Looks like you spell Romney with a little Flake in it.


The fire department as we know it today should no longer exist.  What I mean by that is since the 1980’s, fires in America have gone down over 80 percent while fire department personnel has increased over 50 percent.  Because of the strict building codes, flame retardant material and different kinds of technology there are no fires anymore, which is without a doubt a good thing.  Whenever there’s an emergency and the fire department is called and 99 percent of the time the fire department is sent back. We have captains and chiefs and drivers and assistant chiefs, you name and none of it is needed.  Cities need to downsize their fire departments by about 80 percent and create some sort of an emergency response team.  We have 600 firemen in this town and no fires, which is good that there are no fires, but it’s not good that the city wastes millions and millions on inflated salaries, benefits, retirement, pensions, longevity you name it.  It’s just not necessary.  It’s not needed anymore.  Like I said the fire department, as we know it today is outdated and has been replaced by technology like many other jobs have. Why should we pay these people salaries of 30 to $90,000 a year to work less than 100 days a year and when they do work they do absolutely nothing.  Isn’t it true that only 14 percent of the firefighters over a thirty-year career will even ever go to a fire? Isn’t that true Nationwide? Thank you.