Missing Under the Hammer

Dear Editor,

Why has Mr. Hammer gone from writing Under the Hammer every Thursday to one page seemingly once a month. Is it a change in philosophy.  I always looked for it every week to a counter point to the news you get every week from mainstream media.

David Moore

Editor’s Note:  When we moved from print to digital, Under the Hammer evidently got packed away in a box and it’s taken longer to unpack and find everything than we had anticipated, but Under the Hammer will be back.


Liking the New Congressional Democrats

Dear Editor,

As a Constitutional conservative I could not have dreamed for the kind of lineup from the Democrat, socialist, progressive left that has been sworn into Congress.  You have a toilet-tongued freshman proudly showing her lack of maturity, another one who openly and gladly associates with an anti-Semite, one who shows their total lack knowledge by trying to get rid of the Electoral College by legislation, and finally one who almost broke a leg rushing to file Articles of Impeachment against President Trump. And they are led by a clueless young woman who shows her ignorance almost every time she opens her mouth.  (Cue the baying hounds of the PC left with their cries of “sexist…sexist!!!”)

But don’t think I’m just sitting back and laughing at the circus.  I believe history repeats it’s itself and there was a time in our past in another country where a small group of radicals inserted themselves into the body politic and were seen as a pack of extremists that were great for producing what then was seen as a harmless laughable sideshow.  And because they were mostly ignored and considered harmless they grew slowly and quietly until one day they suddenly were found holding the reins of power and began dragging their people and country to ultimate destruction.  (Yes, I went there.)

What I am hoping for is that the same sleeping giant that woke up and told the “professional politicians” they were sick and tired of being treated as serfs and peons and elected Trump will once again rise up and tell this out of control herd of clueless would be despots to go back to their communes and dictate each other into oblivion and leave real freedom loving Americans alone.

Is President Trump perfect?  Far from it.  He’s made plenty of stupid blunders and frankly I would prefer it if he would lose his Twitter account.  But you cannot argue with results.  Despite the attempts by the propaganda machine known as the MSM to convince people we are all one step away from another Great Depression.

Hang on folks (and that includes to your wallet)….it’s going to be a bumpy two years before these progressive socialist extremists can be voted out.

Let’s hope we will still have that ability by then.

Go Galt and save the Republic

Alan Marshall


Required Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Because I have to do this for a requirement for Boy Scouts here I am.

I would like to discuss the fact that the punishment for weed is way to high.  If it’s legal in other states why can’t we give it a little slack instead of treating it like other hardcore stuff.  I mean if you have over an ounce I think it shouldn’t be a felony.  Though NC is rather relaxed on weed laws for under a ounce.  But when it goes even slightly over it blows out of proportion from $200 fine to a felony and I’m my mind there’s quite a fine line between the two.  Like it skips misdemeanor and other punishments that aren’t as severe and won’t ruin someone’s life in the way a felony does.

Patrick Stop

Editor’s Note:We applaud your honesty and hope fulfilling this Boy Scout requirement was not too painful


Secure Our Borders

Dear Editor,

Enough is enough.  It is time that the individuals elected to represent the law-abiding citizens of the United States started to honor the duties and responsibilities of the office they chose.

It is time that those elected to represent the citizens of the USA stopped representing the criminal illegal immigrants that are here within the USA.  By representing the criminals that have entered the USA illegally our representatives have placed the security of the criminal illegal immigrant here in the USA before the security of the law-abiding citizens of the USA.

It is time that our representatives stopped ignoring history and provide what is required to secure our borders.  For those that have a rudimentary knowledge of history, they know and realize that barriers and walls have been used throughout history to secure borders, compounds, houses and homes. Our military forces use barriers and walls to secure the compounds that they use when fighting a war.  Without the protection of barriers and walls our military forces would be devastated in battle.

It is time that those who have ignored history, but today are living behind barriers and walls realize that they are living more securely than the people who elected them to office. Failing to provide border security in the form of barriers and walls for their constituency, leaves their constituency subject to conditions that apparently are beyond the representatives’ comprehension.

We have been promised a secure border since the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.  We have yet to see that secure border in the form of barriers and walls.  Our border cannot be secured by technology alone.  As with history if we wish a secure a border, we are going to have to have a combination of manmade barriers, geographical barriers, technology barriers, and physical walls.  A combination of these items must be in place so that all areas of our border are covered.

Enough of this in-fighting, it is time that those who were elected to legislate did just that -legislate- by placing funds and laws in the legislation that is passed by our elected representatives.

It is the responsibility of our elected representatives to protect the sovereignty and security of our nation which they are failing to do.

Ray Shamlin