You have been trying to lose weight by cutting your caloric intake and going on an exercise regime, but you cannot lose the pounds fast enough. There is a very small part of the puzzle missing – the best fat burner supplement.

Believe it or not, this is just the thing you need to help you flip your body weight. Using them consistently can take you from fat and flabby to slim and toned in a couple of months.

There is another huge benefit of using the best fat burning supplements. They succeed where diet and exercise fail due to their ability to suppress the appetite, cut your cravings for sugars and starches, and give you consistent energy.

That being said, you might want to place your order for a purported best shredding supplement. But not just yet!

After all, there are so many of these in the market and all of them claim to be the best! As a first time buyer, it’s going to be hard to get the really best one.

But don’t worry!

Here, we have done the footwork for you. We remove all guesswork from the picture so that you can order a supplement that will give you value for money, and help you to carve yourself that ripped, out-of-a-fitness-magazine body.

Here are the top supplements for fat burning, in the order of their superiority:

1.       Nutravit Diet Drops: Best fat burner supplement without exercise

We agree 100 percent that exercise and a diet overhaul are the core pillars of weight loss. However, we are also cognisant of the fact that not everyone is in a position to hit the gym.

That’s where the Nutravit Diet Drops come in. They will help you lose weight, as much as you want, without going on a strict exercise regime.

But we would like to clear something here.

These diet drops do not work alone. You need to combine them with a very low calorie diet, which restricts your daily caloric intake to 500, 700, 1200 or 1500 calories a day.

Specifically, it is recommended you use it with a 500 calorie a day diet. The supplement comes with the Nutravit Labs diet protocol. But you could also choose to use it with any other low calorie diet such as the Aitkins diet, Dr. Simeons, or any other low calorie diet.

What is Nutravit Diet Drops?

This liquid weight loss supplement is placed under the tongue for absorption. The US-based Nutravit Labs manufactures it in high quality FDA and CGMP-approved labs. It meets the highest hygiene and manufacturing standards.

This is a non-prescription fat burner that you can buy over the counter. It has no side effects to contend with because it is blended with natural ingredients only.

If you take the diet drops as advised, with a very low calorie diet, Nutravit says you could lose up to 2 pounds a day. On the bare minimum, they guarantee you are going to lose six pounds a week.

Since this product comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee of 60 days, you really have nothing to lose by trying it out.

For the best effect, it is recommended you use the supplement for at least 60 days, and longer is even better.

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If you are struggling with chronic obesity, dieting and exercise might not help, because they will not alter the way your body handles fat.

But with this supplement, you will change so many things about your body. It can help your health from different dimensions. All of its power is found in more than 20 ingredients.

Some of the ingredients help in the fast transfer of fatty acids to the cell mitochondria for burning. Others help in different aspects of weight gain and loss such as stimulating the pituitary gland, increasing energy and strength, and many more.

Taken as advised with the proper very low calorie diet, Nutravit Diet Drops is going to turn your body into a fat furnace.

Nutravit Diet Drops Ingredients

Nutravit Labs spared no cost to make this product. Several years and a lot of money went into the science, research and development of this supplement.

The ingredients are carefully selected, on merit and depending on how they can help your body. Here are some of the most notable of them:

Amino Acids

L-Arginine – This amino acid is going to regulate your blood pressure and enhance your athletic performance, among other benefits. Overall, it will influence your weight loss and management process by increasing the energy release and consumption in your body.

L-Carnitine – This has a big impact on the rate of metabolism and energy release in the body. It helps the body to burn more calories rather than convert them into fat, making less fat stocks.

L-Glutamine – It is going to improve insulin sensitivity. Insulin is a very important hormone when it comes to blood sugar levels. Insulin spikes can change how the body processes blood sugar. L-Glutamine is going to control the release of this hormone so that there is no conversion of calories to fat.

Other amino acids include L-Ornithine, Beta-Alanine and L-Tryptophan.

Herbal ingredients

Herbal extracts from various plants, fruits and herbs make the bulk of the ingredients in this powerful fat burning supplement. The top ones are:

Garcinia Cambogia – The high content of HCA – hydrochloric Acid in this extract makes it very good at preventing lipogenesis, the process by which the body forms white and brown adipose tissue (fat). Garcinia Cambogia has been used in many obesity products.

Panax Ginseng – This ingredient helps in the control of blood sugar levels in the system. But that is not all because Panax Ginseng also helps the body to absorb the other nutrients easily and faster. To some extent, it controls fat accumulation in the body.

African Mango Extract – It is going to do many things, but the biggest of them is controlling your hunger pangs so that you do not eat too much. It helps the body to release more adiponectin, a hormone produced in the adipose tissue to control blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity.

Capsicum annuum extract – This is going to increase the core temperature of the body. Higher thermogenesis means the body is going to burn fat faster. It stays at an all time high metabolic rate all the time.

Green Tea Extract – It has so many health benefits. It contains catechins, which boost metabolic rate and fat burning in the body. It is also a strong antioxidant, helping the body to flush out toxins and improve immunity.

Other herbal ingredients include Fucoxanthin extract, raspberry ketone, coleus forskohlii extract, grape seed extract, Gymnema Sylvestre leaf extract, Grapefruit extract, and Rhodiola Rosea.

It also has a strong mineral called chromium picolinate that cuts cravings for sugars and starches.

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How Nutravit Diet Drops work

This supplement is formulated to address all aspects of weight and obesity. It increases fat burn rate while preventing lean muscle loss. That way, you will lose weight alright, but you are not going to look emaciated.

This product is not a one-time fix for your weight. It is the only solution you’ll ever need for your obesity woes. Once it gets your body on a high fat burn mode, there will be no looking back, ever again.

This product offers you a multi-pronged approach to weight loss. First, it prevents the body from accumulating fat from the diet. Your body is not going to form new fat stocks.

Nutravit Diet Drops is also a superb fat burner that will keep burning the fat even when you are resting. It also makes you feel sated so that you don’t eat a lot of food. To fill up on the caloric deficit the very low calorie diet causes, the body will start burning its fat stocks for energy.

How to use Nutravit Diet Drops

Using these diet drops is really simple. It is a liquid under the tongue supplement. Place 10 to 15 drops under your tongue, three times a day. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds and then swallow the rest.

Since you will be using a diet protocol, you will have to use these diet drops through the first and second phases of the diet (23 days).

If by the end of the second phase you will not have lost the weight you had targeted, you can embark on another phase.

Remember, Nutravit Diet Drops do not work alone. YOU MUST use them with a very low calorie diet, restricting your calorie intake to 500 a day, for 21 days.



You lose weight but do not get emaciated First few days of the very low calorie diet phase will be hard
Prevents the formation of new fat stocks It is only available on Nutravit Labs website
Smooth and consistent energy release  
Does not require you to work out to lose weight  


Where to buy and pricing

Buy this fat burner supplement on the Nutravit Labs official website. One bottle of 60ML costs $59.99. For the price of two bottles, you will get three. You may also order the three-month supply, which translates to five months because you get two bottles free. Every order is covered by a money back guarantee of 60 days.

2.       PhenQ: Best fat burner pills for stubborn fat

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The PhenQ fat burning pill combines the power of different ingredients to become the fat incinerator that it is.

The formulation of this supplement is designed to target weight from different approaches. For instance, it is going to suppress your appetite.

It is also going to block fat absorption into your bloodstream and it burns the fat deposits in your body. This is going to pack you with a lot of energy that you can use to work out or do your daily activities.

Most people ask: How much weight can you lose with PhenQ? The company says you can lose between 1 and 2 pounds a day. Looking at the science behind this pill, you can see how this is possible.

Suppressing the appetite is everything. Because the body needs a lot of energy daily, it is going to target its fat reserves for energy, thus making you look ripped soon.

This fat burning pill is manufactured in high quality labs in the USA, FDA and GMP-approved. It is free of fillers and chemical preservatives. Everything used in the supplement is very useful to your body.

PhenQ Ingredients

On the bottle of the PhenQ supplement pills, you will find all of the information you need about its formulation. Here are some of its ingredients:

A Lacy’s Reset – This is a combination of different types of fat burning ingredients to make one powerful blend. That way, instead of taking different pills with individual ingredients at the same time, you get to take just one pill containing everything.

Capsicum powder blend – This is another powerful blend containing capscum, Vitamin B3, Caffeine and Piperine. It increases thermogenesis, which keeps the body in constant fat burning mode.

Nopal – This extract comes from the prickly pear species of cactus. It is so rich in different amino acids, which enhance various fat burning processes.

Because Nopal is also rich in fiber, it prevents you from experiencing cravings, so you eat minimally. This is good for weight loss.

L-Carnitine Fumarate – The kidneys, brain and liver are the main places where the secretion of L-Carnitine Fumarate amino acid takes place. However, with age, its secretion dwindles, requiring you to supplement it from food, or supplements. Its main purpose is to get your body to burn fat.

Chromium Picolinate – Lowers hunger pangs and removes the cravings for sweet foods, and starches.

Other ingredients in PhenQ include Caffeine, for energy production and improving wakefulness. Caffeine increases the metabolic rate tremendously, hence the high energy boost. Copper sulfate, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide also play different roles in enhancing the shelf life and potency of this supplement.

How does PhenQ work?

When you start taking this fat burning pill, you are going to experience more energy production in your body. It happens because this supplement increases the rate of metabolism, burning more calories and fat for energy.

By suppressing your appetite, this fat burner helps to create a caloric deficit, compelling the body to reach into its fat reserves to burn them for energy.

PhenQ will help the body to burn fat only and leave the lean muscle mass intact. This leaves you looking shredded like a pro, but not emaciated.

The wealth of amino acids in the A Lacy’s Reset and in the Nopal ingredient help to release many feel good hormones. You feel happier and more positive daily.

How to use PhenQ

There are 60 pills in the bottle. Take two daily, one before, or with your breakfast and the second one with or before your lunch. Do not take the supplement in the late afternoon or later because the caffeine content might affect your sleep.



Free shipping globally Can only be bought on official website
60-day money back guarantee Requires consistent usage for up to 90 days
Guaranteed weight loss if used consistently It is costly
Leaves you alert and energetic through the day  


Where to buy and pricing

Avoid buying PhenQ anywhere else apart from the official website. A bottle of 60 pills costs $69.99. Two bottles cost $139.99 and you get the third one free. You can also order three bottles at $209.99 and you will get two bottles free.

3.       PrimeShred: Best fat burner for belly fat for female\


True to its name, PrimeShred is going to leave you shredded, toned and with your newly-found lean muscle intact. It comes highly recommended as a superb fat burner for men and women.

The manufacturer promises that PrimeShred is going to speed up the metabolism and weight loss process. But manufacturers are known to wax lyrical about their products. So we set out to find out whether this supplement works as claimed.

There are many notable things about PrimeShred. First, it is safe and natural. It also does not contain substances that need a prescription.

It is also manufactured in high quality labs in the USA, so its potency, quality and hygiene standards are assured.

PrimeShred Ingredients

It is a combination of many vitamins, amino acids and herbal extracts for different things but in the end, they enhance the body’s ability to burn fat.

Ingredients such as L-Tyrosine, cayenne pepper, green tea, rhodiola rosea and caffeine help the body to release fat for metabolism in the mitochondria.

Amino acids L-tyrosine and L-Theanine work with Vitamins B3, B6 and B12, green tea, caffeine anhydrous, and cayenne pepper increase thermogenesis. With increased core temperature, the body stays in fat-burning mode all the time.

Rhodiola, L-Theanine, caffeine anhydrous, green coffee, and green tea inhibit the release of fatigue agents in the body. They also promote the release of feel-good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. You are going to enjoy an uplifted mood through the day.

How PrimeShred Works

This premium fat burner targets weight from all angles such as appetite, cravings, and even storage of fat in the fat areas of the body. It is also going to lift your mood so you feel happier throughout the weight loss experience. This supplement can also increase the level of many hormones, thereby enhancing hormonal balance.

How to use PrimeShred

The proper dosage of PrimeShred is three pills a day. You should take all of them together daily, at least 20 minutes before your breakfast. You can use this as a workout supplement, and you can use it when you are not working out.

Remember, it is important to consult your physician if you are on other prescription medication.



Comes with a money back guarantee of 100 days Might require you to use it longer than 60 days for best results
It improves cognitive function and enhances the mood Available on official website  only
Can help people with chronic obesity  
No gluten, GMO or other chemicals  
It is vegan-friendly  


Where to buy and pricing

Head over to the PrimeShred official website to order this supplement. Because of its popularity, it is easy to fall for counterfeits from third party sites and marketplaces.

One bottle of 90 pills costs $49.99, two bottles cost $99.99 and you get one free while three bottles cost $149.99 and you get two bottles free.

If you order more than one bottle, you get free shipping. All orders come with a 100-day money back guarantee.

4.       Phen24: the 24 Hour Fat Burn Formula


The reason for referring to Phen24 as the 24-hour fat burning formula is, well, it is true! In the package that you will order from their website, you will get two bottles of pills.

The bottle with 60 pills is the night formula, which you are supposed to take with your dinner. The bottle with 30 pills is the day formula, and you are supposed to take it during the day.

The Phen24 manufacturer calls this the natural supplement to support night and daytime metabolism for faster weight loss results.

How Phen24 works

The daytime pills work slightly differently from the nightime ones. In the day, this supplement helps to keep hunger away, burn fat, and increase your natural levels so that you can stay charged and working through the day.

The nighttime formula works by continuing to burn fat from where the daytime formula left off, cutting cravings and boosting the mood. The following day, you will enjoy elevated moods and happiness.

How to use Phen24

The dosage for Phen24 is one daytime capsule in the morning with a glass of water and two capsules of the nighttime capsules 15 minutes before dinner everyday.

For the best results, using this supplement continuously for at least 60 days is recommended. Also, changing from a carb-rich diet to a more balanced one, and working out can help you burn fat faster.

Phen24 Ingredients

Again, we have to look at the ingredients of the daytime and nighttime fat burn formulas separately. The daytime capsule comes with zinc, which speeds metabolism and boosts the immune system. Iodine improves thyroid function and prevents storage of belly fat.

L-Phenylalanine improves the transfer of fatty acids to the liver for breakdown into ketones. It also suppresses hunger and cravings so you eat very little.

Guarana extract and caffeine are also available with the former increasing the energy consumption in the body while the latter enhances the release of energy from calories.

Cayenne powder, Manganese, and copper are some of the other ingredients.

The nighttime capsules ingredients include Glucomannan, which is a fiber for making you feel fuller longer. Green tea extract helps to increase thermogenesis so that your body burns more fat all the time. D-Biotin works hand in hand with Chromium to cut appetite and cravings for sugar while increasing the metabolic rate.

Thiamine HCL helps the body to convert carbs into energy rather than into fat. Hops extract helps the body to burn calories faster and prevent fat deposits.

Other ingredients include Molybdenum, Griffonia extract, Calcium D-pantothenate, PyridoxineHCL and Ascorbic acid.



Nighttime formula enhances sleep and mood The price is high
60-day money back guarantee and free shipping Caffeine can cause jitters in some people
It will help you cut your night snacking  
Will maintain energy levels while eating less  
It empowers the immune system  


Where to buy and pricing

Only buy the supplement on, the official website for this product. Each box comes with a 30-pill bottle of day capsules and a 60-pill bottle of night time capsules. One box costs $69.99, two boxes cost $139.99 and you get an extra box free. Three boxes cost $209.99 and you get two boxes free. Each order is covered by a no-questions-asked money back guarantee of 60 days.

Conclusion and Recommendation

There are hundreds, probably thousands of fat burning supplements in the market, and with a good reason too. Obesity is a serious threat that crosses all borders and cultures. The race is on to find the best fat burner.

In the list we have brought you here, you can choose any without fear. We handpicked them based on effectiveness, safety and source of ingredients.

But if you want to lose weight with sustainable results, you had better get the Nutravit Diet Drops. This formula comes with a very low calorie diet protocol that will create a serious caloric deficit to help you lose weight faster.

Nutravit Diet Drops will also help you to clean up your eating act, as the Chromium Picolinate content cuts cravings for sugars.