In the article last week headlined “High Point Wanted Yes or No on Baseball Stadium Money, County Gave Strong Maybe,” we got some folks confused.

A part of the article states that Grasshopper President Donald Moore had posted favorable comments about the High Point stadium project on Facebook. That is incorrect. Don Moore posted favorable comments on Facebook and Don Moore is no relation to Donald Moore, the president of the Grasshoppers.

As far as we know, Donald Moore has not posted any comments about the proposed stadium project on Facebook.

It was our mistake and we’d like to apologize to Donald Moore for the confusion.


As predicted, the new Rhino Times website did not go live without a few glitches. We hoped to get it up and running on Thursday. It was Monday before everything was worked out. But it’s up now and if you have any problems or suggestions, please let us know. We know there will be some problems but don’t know what they will be or we would have already fixed them.

The current e-Edition will come up if you click on the front page below it, even though the front page is not the front page of the most recent edition. But we know about that problem, so it should be fixed soon.


President Donald J. Trump will be in Greensboro on Saturday at the home of Louis DeJoy and Aldona Wos at 806 Country Club Dr. for a $2,700 a plate fundraiser. I’d love to see Trump but I’m a little short of cash; if anyone has a extra ticket to the dinner, please give me a call.