Some of us old-timers remember back when BJ Barnes was not sheriff of Guilford County. The man who was sheriff before Barnes, Sticky Burch, is turning 100 this month and Barnes is having a party for him from 6 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday Oct. 11 at the Shrine Club at 5010 High Point Road. It’s free and you’re invited. Cake and homemade ice cream will be served to all who attend.

Burch is the only man in Guilford County who has ever beat Barnes in a sheriff’s race, and he beat Barnes, not once, but twice.


I’m not at my best in the morning and usually I get to work and realize that it’s Jeansboro Day and I have on inappropriate pants. This year I’m going to try to do better. Jeansboro Day is Thursday, Oct. 11, which is next Thursday. The official celebration is being held at LeBauer Park on Davie Street from 4 to 7 p.m. with live music by Simply Irresistible, beer by Joymongers Brewing Co. and food trucks. Exclusive Jeansboro T-shirts will also be on sale.

On Friday, Oct. 5, the Wrangler pop up store is returning to the downtown at 300 S. Elm St. and will remain open through the rest of 2018.


Bad news for development and renovation in Greensboro. According to the official Greensboro City Meeting calendar, there are no meetings of the Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustment or Planning Board in October. The good news is that the City Meeting Calendar is a misnomer. It should be called the random events calendar because items like “‘Private Violence’ Film Screening and Discussion” and “Let’s Talk’” Open House/Community Conversation” are on the calendar. Also on the calendar are two of the three Greensboro City Council meetings scheduled for October.

Despite the lack of information on the official meeting calendar, the Zoning Commission will meet on Monday, Oct. 15, the Planning Board on Wednesday, Oct. 17 and the Board of Adjustment on Monday, Oct. 22.

The City Council will hold its only business meeting of the month on Tuesday, Oct. 23.

What is incredible is that these are all meetings that were scheduled a year ago and repeat at the same time every month. The city meeting calendar should be automatically populated with these meetings. But if the city is going to have a “Meeting Calendar” on its website, the very least it could do would be put on the regularly scheduled meetings every month.


I don’t know a whole lot about the Ryder Cup, but I do know that in sports if you choose to fill your team with people who were once great and your playing people who are great, you’re not likely to win.

Tiger Woods was once the greatest golfer in the world, but in the last five years he has won one tournament. He shouldn’t have been on the Ryder Cup team and he proved it by not winning a point.

Phil Mickleson hadn’t won a tournament since 2013 when he won the World Golf Championships-Mexico Championship this year.

Both Woods and Mickleson didn’t make the team by playing well but were two of the three captain’s choices. It appears the captain’s choices were made based on popularity and television ratings instead of who could help them win and the US paid the price.


The News & Record doesn’t much care about letting its readers know what’s going on with the paper itself. So it will be a surprise to some that the folks in Winston-Salem, who run the N&R, doubled the cost of buying a daily newspaper out of the rack.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that an N&R was 75 cents, then it went up to $1 and now they have increased the price again to $2. At this rate, by Christmas it will cost $5 to buy a daily paper.

This may indicate that the subscription rates are going to have a huge jump soon and they didn’t want papers in the racks to cost less than having it delivered.

But in today’s world, who is walking around with eight quarters in their pocket? It is rare that I have one. If I scramble around sometimes I can find two, but to get eight I’d have to go to the bank, and my bank has changed names so many times I can’t remember which one it is now.