They say that time flies when you’re having fun and I must be having a blast because I can’t believe it’s November. It seems like a few minutes ago it was May.

Next week a new City Council will be elected and then I think the next day is Thanksgiving, Christmas, the next week and then its 2018.

I remember when there were about five years between the start of school and Christmas. Now it seems like at most a couple of weeks.


The Muse was told that our local pharmacy is closing – the store that most people refer to as the Walgreens on the corner of Lawndale and Cornwallis.

We call it Dru-Ace-Macy because at one time it was Drug Palace Pharmacy, and if the lights on all the letters were ever operating, it was on a day I wasn’t driving by. It seemed like the name changed daily as letters came on and off, but the one we liked the best was Dru-Ace-Macy, so that is what we have always called it. Although Rug-Lace-Harm ran a close second.

Anyway, there are plenty of other drug stores around, which no doubt is why this one is closing, but it is always sad to see an old friend leave.