The May Rhino Times Schmoozefest is Thursday, May 24 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Greensboro Convention & Visitors Bureau at 2411 W. Gate City Blvd. Free snacks, beer and wine will be provided to all business professionals who sign in and wear a name tag while supplies last.


The Greensboro City Council is making immense efforts to be politically correct, but the Communications and Marketing Department sent out an offensively sexist email that reads, “Lake Brandt will host a series of guided paddling tours for women Friday mornings …”

Imagine the hue and cry from our City Council with its eight female members if the notice had read, “guided paddling tours for men.” It would appear that the women who now run the city are going to offer special programs for those of their gender and males can fend for themselves. Wow.


Teachers and educators across the state who always put children first are putting their desire for more money in their pockets first on May 16 and going to Raleigh to protest for higher wages.

If they are really so concerned about the children, why don’t they wait a month and go down to Raleigh when the children are on summer vacation? The legislature is going to be in session in June, so why do they have to go in May when school is in session? My guess would be that the demonstration is getting a lot more publicity because school is being canceled than it would get in June when it would just be a bunch of teachers taking a day from their summer vacation to go down to Raleigh and protest.


Democrats always claim that tax cuts will produce big deficits and kill the economy, but the evidence doesn’t bear out that theory.

North Carolina after the Republican tax cuts had another big budget surplus. The debt run up by the Democrats under their tax and spend policies has been paid off, and the rainy day fund is funded, so that means the Republicans are going to spend the money. Most of it will probably go to raise the salaries of state employees including teachers.

And since tax cuts work so well, I hope the state is considering more of them.

At the federal level, the federal government just had its best month ever in April, where revenue outdistanced expenditures by $218 billion. Unfortunately, that won’t happen every month, but the federal government took in more money because of lower taxes than it anticipated. The initial analysis was that people were paying more in taxes because they were making more money.

If that continues, the lower taxes are not going to raise the deficit like the mainstream media predicted. The most dire predictions from the left are based on the tax cuts not having any effect on the economy, and that doesn’t appear to have been the case.


I don’t know whether it is a sign of the times or simply an oversight by the media. But while there has been a lot in the media about electing the first female Guilford County district attorney, there has been little mention of electing the first black district attorney.

I wonder if it is because having had a black president, black Cabinet members, black Supreme Court justices and, on the local level, having had a black mayor, black city managers, black police chiefs, black chairmen of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners, black county managers, a black chairman of the Guilford County Board of Education and black school superintendents, in 2018 it is no longer considered so noteworthy to elect the first black district attorney.

But the truth is that it has more likely simply a sign that the world of professional journalism isn’t what it once was.