Marching Teachers Need to Think Twice

Dear Editor,

For those teachers who are attending the Raleigh march to pressure the legislature to appropriate yet more funding for the schools, I would suggest their interests would be better served by marching on their own school administration – where the great education funding ruse has and is being perpetrated.

The school administration has long said that they fund from “the bottom up.”  Really? Give it some thought – if they actually did fund from the bottom up, then there would never be any shortage of any kind at the classroom level. Any shortage would occur only at the top – at the administration level.

No, the school administration funds from the “top down.”  And, they do this precisely so that there will always be a shortage by the time the funding would otherwise reach the classrooms. In-between they cook up all manner of ways to burn off the massive funding already supplied by the legislature (via the taxpayers) so that they can manipulate public opinion into thinking that our schools are not adequately funded. By purposely shortchanging the teachers and students, they are able to garner the sort of public concern and empathy that would not be possible if they were to go in front of the legislature and ask for more money for administrative spending. Make no mistake, the school administration has become cleverly adept at creating a classroom funding shortage which allows them to continually play the “classroom shortage” card.

Most likely the teachers will succeed in extorting more funding from the legislature, all the while being witless participants in this never ending administrative ruse. And five years from now little Johnny and little Susie still won’t be proficient at reading and the cry will again go out that our schools are not adequately funded.

Dick Bostick



City Council Costs Taxpayers Plenty

Dear Editor,

The roughshod and unethical manner in which our city management has dealt with some downtown business owners in Greensboro lately, is cause for great concern. For the Mayor to wastefully ditch Roy Carroll’s $100 million project in favor of a far more costly and inferior alternative, tells me that our city management is incompetent at best, and both incompetent and unethical at worst. Roy Carrol will sue, he will win… and the tax payers will be on the hook for our city’s incompetence once again. How much more of this can we take?

After the stunningly incompetent, unethical and costly Cone Denim debacle…. and on top of the arbitrary political manner of dealing with Cafe Europa, our city council has proven once again they lack the competence to continue managing this city.

Also, it is my opinion that the city council, including the city managers and attorneys handling the Cone Denim debacle, be required to reimburse the taxpayers, for all the money wasted in the process of trying to bankrupt the Cone Denim Theatre.

Mark LeBlanc



Finally Some Pushback

Dear Editor,

Finally, someone is beginning to push back against Heir Von Mueller and his band of lackeys. A federal judge, appointed by President Trump, is challenging his power grab. He arrogantly tried to get a postponement at the last minute because one of his victims didn’t roll over like they were supposed to. And now he has to show his hand to his victims by order of the same judge. And, after excoriating Mueller’s minions, another judge, appointed by President Reagan, has demanded to see the non-redacted instructions given to Heir Von Mueller by his puppet master Rod Rosenstein.  This same demand has been made by members of Congress and they have received the same answer – no, it’s classified.

That seems to be the final fallback position for this band of kingmaker wannabes. When all else fails, use the classified excuse. One problem, some of the people asking for the information have the necessary clearances to allow them to see this stuff.

I saw a suggestion someone made that President Trump should seriously consider. Call Mueller, Rosenstein and Sessions into the Oval Office. Starting with Mueller, tell him to end the farce and resign as special prosecutor. When he refuses, turn to Rosenstein and tell him to fire Mueller right there. When he refuses, turn to Sessions and directs him to fire Rosenstein and Mueller on the spot. When he doesn’t, fire all three then and there.

Legally he can do this under Article 2 of the Constitution because they all three work for the president. He can hire and fire them as he sees fit. Politically it would be a firestorm. What it wouldn’t be is a constitutional crisis the talking heads, Democrats and RINOs would have you believe.

Where was this level of a proctologist’s exam when Fast and Furious and Benghazi were happening? Oh, that’s right, those were being done by people on their side. We can’t do that to our allies. They might turn on us.

The deep state, the swamp, the rot, whatever you want to call it, has gotten rooted in place because of the apathetic attitude taken by the majority of people who were more concerned what was happening on TMZ and Facebook instead of paying attention to what their “elected representatives” have been doing. While the sheep mindlessly graze, the wolves are voting on the dinner menu.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Rich Are Favored

Dear Editor,

“Our” electoral system needs serious reform.  I can’t vote for someone who is running for mayor of New York, but I can give her a political contribution. I can’t vote for someone who is running for governor of Texas but I can give him a campaign contribution. I don’t think that anyone should be allowed to give money to a politician who is running for office unless he has the right to vote for that politician. Our electoral system favors the rich.

Chuck Mann



Leaders Aren’t Same

Dear Editor,

There will always be wars and the greatest of our generals, over the past century, would have to be Gen. Douglas McArthur.  I, to this day, do not believe the war in the Pacific could not have been won by any other leader.  His secret undercover operations may have been the largest the world has ever witnessed.

Having said that, I might add that the biggest school project I ever failed at was in a debate assignment I was given when I was a Cadet at Oak Ridge Military.  It was: “Truman was right in firing Gen. McArthur.”  A friend and I debated twice in favor of Truman being right in firing McArthur.  We felt our strongest point was “insubordination,” being that Truman was the commander in chief, but we lost the first debate by something like 30-2 and the second by 29-3.  We knew we would lose the debate as McArthur was like a messiah at the time in our school and almost as high to the general public but we hoped to do better.

The point is this – to this day, political leaders have never been great military leaders and military leaders have never been able to maintain freedoms for individuals over lands they control.  Thusly, McArthur wanted to disobey Truman to win the war for South Korea, but what might then have happened no one knows.  We do know this: The war to this date has never officially ended but the opportunity for the Koreas to again unify is at hand so let’s wish them well and hope our political leaders avoid these kinds of wars in the future.  The day for us to officially police the world must somehow end.

Ray Hylton



 Summerfield Turmoil

Dear Editor,

As an outsider reading about the Summerfield Town Council’s inability to have productive sessions, one gets the impression that voters have recently elected folks with an agenda of “If it ain’t broke, break it.”

The newly seated mayor appeared to immediately crank up in attack mode regarding treatment of council incumbents as well as the town staff and the town attorney. So, not much chance of compromise and moving forward when folks are defending against being “bull rushed.” The folks may have to recreate the community’s legendary bugler boy of “Light Horse Harry” Lee’s cavalry to play “recall.”

Summerfield (1940 census, 395 folks) was, until incorporated, a community of small farms and cottage industry. However, it was noted for its early county leadership in funding and developing schools, both private and public, and was served by a national north-south highway and a railroad.

Today, with a population of about 11,000, the town is split by land-eating, noise-making super highways, banked with high value McMansions, miniature grass farms and a rare producing farm.

The political initiative of the newly elected was to “Keep Summerfield Summerfield” and it reads as an agenda of practicing absolute transparency, governing by open town hall meeting and zoning against development of affordable housing.

It appears that form the standpoint of a more forward-looking government and a more harmonious culture, Oak Ridge may be a better buy.



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