The Rhino Times Dailylight Saving Time Schmoozefest is Thursday, March 23 at Fresh. Local. Good. at 433 Spring Garden St. This is in the Morehead Foundry, the first multiplex dining facility in Greensboro.

Beer, wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served gratis to those who sign in and wear a name tag.


The subhead on the News & Record editorial page caused me to do a double take. I immediately thought that someone had broken into the office and was holding Editorial Page Editor Allen Johnson. Under the headline, “Find out the truth,” the subhead reads, “Either president Obama committed a crime or President Trump made a false accusation. We deserve to know which.”

I ignored the fact that Obama is not the president, and was struck by the idea that someone at the News & Record was entertaining the possibility that Obama broke the law and that Trump could be right about something.

Then I read the editorial. Most of the editorial is about how horrible and dishonest Trump is. But I read it all the way to the end where I found the brief admission that it was possible that Obama did something wrong while he was president, so the headline accomplished its task: It caused me to read the entire editorial.


The Greensboro economic development team is always talking about how Greensboro should be looking at cities that have had a lot of economic development success like Greenville, South Carolina, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Columbus, Ohio, but maybe they should concentrate closer to home. Mebane, right down the road in Alamance County, has doubled in size since 2001. Maybe Greensboro should figure out why businesses prefer Mebane over Greensboro, and if they can solve that one, then they can move on to competing with Greenville, Chattanooga and Columbus.


Most corrections to the minutes of a meeting are pretty mundane, just like the minutes, but Councilmember Tony Wilkins asked for a correction to the minutes of the Feb.7 Greensboro City Council meeting that is not in that category.

The uncorrected minutes read that Wilkins “referenced the prospect of getting $600,000 in funding to put a Donut Hole on Hilltop Road.” A $600,000 donut hole would be a whale of a big donut hole. Wilkins is known for having a healthy appetite, but with a donut hole that big even Wilkins could hardly put a dent in it.

The best part is that is pretty close to what Wilkins said at the meeting. There is a portion of privately owned land nearly surrounded by the Griffin Recreation Center that is commonly referred to as the donut hole.

Wilkins had the minutes corrected to indicate that he was talking about buying a piece of land, not a pastry.